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  1. Nerd alert! Why do I prefer to listen to Arcadia on Spotify even if Apple Music has looseness quality which is way better than Spotify’s? WHERE will you listen to Blue Banisters? Spotify or Apple Music and why? ALSO, Rob is so cute to hype us up while Lana is gone
  2. I still LIVE for Arcadia! It hits different at 3 am I also realized that @COCC is easily becoming my new favorite user of Lanaboards
  3. To me, honestly, it’s much worse to stream illegally than not buying any merch… today you can literally listen to the album on YouTube for free on release day if you don’t want to pay for a streaming service, sooo… I would say that as long as you legally support your favorite artist you are a “true fan”, regardless of how many CDs or vinyls you buy… I love the idea of buying official merch to support her because I see it like a way to say “thank you” to her and also like collecting, but that’s me lol and everyone is different, so there are many ways to express gratitude, not only with money is the reason for success everybody knows it it’s a fact kiss kiss
  4. Hey! In case you need it, here’s a list of ALL Lana stores (thanks Jack from costumer service ): CA: https://store.universalmusic.com/lanadelreyCA/ DE: http://store.lana-del-rey.de AUS: https://shopau.lanadelrey.com/ NL: https://platenzaak.nl/collections/lana-del-rey BE: https://musicstation.be/collections/lana-del-rey IT: https://shop.universalmusic.it/collections/lana-del-rey ES: https://universalmusiconline.es/collections/lana-del-rey FR: https://shopfr.lanadelrey.com/ BR: https://www.umusicstore.com/lana-del-rey SEA: https://universalmusicshop.avana.asia/categories/70429 MX: https://umusicstore.com.mx/collections/lana-del-rey ZA: https://umg.africa/collections/lana-del-rey US: https://shoplanadelrey.com Go and buy for her, my friends
  5. 5Rick

    Instagram Updates

    It’s very nasty though. We should not believe any of that imo Fuck I posted 3 times in a row, sorry I’m dumb, mods don’t punish me please
  6. 5Rick

    Instagram Updates

    Could you explain why and how that would work as a marketing strategy? What did your professor say? anyway, it’s freaking cool that you’re attending music marketing class! I wanna come too
  7. I want DEMAND that cover OMG i’m gonna be fucking poor thanks to you Miss Lana WHEN can we preorder it?
  8. 5Rick

    Instagram Updates

    This pamphlet and its undeniable naked truth
  9. I want the picture discs let’s hope we will actually get them… maybe they didn’t have time, especially because of vinyl plants being crazy nowadays… but I want them
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