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  1. Love this for her because she seems so genuinely happy! But… I can’t but wonder… when will you also tour again for us, Lana? Like, everyone has their tour dates, except for her I miss her so much
  2. you know, I've no doubt that there is an artistic commitment behind these collabs, but I'm also pretty sure that they are well-conceived marketing choices as well there's a huge disproportion between Lana and them, so... here's your licence to print money
  3. I've listened to the full album again yesterday, and wow, what a feeling! if you don't listen to BB for some days, and then just do it, it's like a brand new experience... I have always loved that about her albums. and also I still can't wrap my head around the fact that she delivered BB just a few months after COCC
  4. not father j m exploiting Lana to sell his deluxe versions anyways, I loved the snippet. looking forward to listening. Lana, you never rest, what a special human being you are
  5. can you just show me the cover pls? just the cover, don't wanna know anything else since I'm gonna with until midnight yep
  6. I honestly hate the show, but still cannot wait for new Lana music so... lesssgo
  7. https://www.nme.com/big-reads/nme-best-albums-of-the-year-2021-3114833 Well, Lana is basically listed on every relevant end-of-the-year chart/list... AS SHE SHOULD Sis really said I'm gonna save music industry this year love her SO MUCH
  8. Oh wow I love her so much, guys! love her look, dress & confidence. she truly is too smart for these awards... she gave compelling answers, the interviewer was just dumb
  9. The fact her covers are all incredibly GORGEOUS lately we must stan
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