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  1. Lol 4 people answered me and not even one gave a concrete answer. Whatever When it will be out, it will be out good night everybody
  2. 5Rick

    65th GRAMMY Awards

    Anyways, I do recognize that my comments were provocative and not argumentative. Sorry to everyone for my behavior (not for my opinions). I have 0 intention to continue this, so please everyone go back to enjoy the thread
  3. 5Rick

    65th GRAMMY Awards

    And you are on the right side, isn’t it?
  4. I was thinking… Feb n March are gonna be the months Let’s not forget that this is a late month release, so we still have 1 month and a half upon us. All the beautiful things we have been craving for are coming: BillBoards, Interview, Rolling Stones, new single, account updates… IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME
  5. 5Rick

    65th GRAMMY Awards

    Oh man. It’s uncanny and also terrifying
  6. 5Rick

    65th GRAMMY Awards

    The hate in your words (and all people like you) towards a specific category (while instead protecting all the others) always cracks me up why is this board so toxic sometimes, what’s your problem this perpetual need to categorize everyone, and see the reality through the lens of race, gender and whatever at all cost really fucked up our society… and no wonder this type of hate is always coming from the “so called” minorities, man what a mess
  7. Does Lana need Grammys? I don't think so. Does Grammys need Lana? Oh man, they wish! Literally shitting my pants for this album. CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE. We want the new single!
  8. 5Rick

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Okay. I already said that I wasn’t following her anymore, that I didn’t Iike her new artistic direction… some of you already mentioned how bland, Hollywood-corrupted and superficial her way of thinking/activism is, and how can anyone disagree on that? And let’s not even get started on her recent music career pls. I certainly don’t wanna sound like a hater (I realized that I don’t have kind words for her anymore), though I must confess… she’s became like a car wreck for me… it’s horrible and you don’t wanna see it, but at the same time you can’t take your eyes off of it. This “poem”… my God. WTF. What in the actual fuck. It makes no sense. At all. It’s bad style, it sounds unauthentic and dull. There’s no metric, rule or style. It’s literally a bunch of random words. You can feel she thinks she is the shit and she did something there, even though it’s just… mere shit. Of course poetry is personal, but everything is. Does that mean that we should make everything public? Or that everyone is/can be a poet? And you are telling me that there are people actually willing to spend money on this? JAPANESE TOILET BOWLS NOTHING. I’m gonna have nightmares about this tonight. I’m sorry, it’s just that… I can’t understand how one can be cringer and cringer every day. I also don’t wanna trace comparisons but… since some of you mentioned many times how they are somehow “similar”… take her and Lana, for example. Oh my God. They could be the most forward example of success/failure, genuine/corrupted, artistic/tacky. I’m harsh, I know. But girl. Stop. Just stop. Do yourself a favor and send that CV to McDonald (serving only female customers, of course). Just. Stop. Please.
  9. Yes, but for real… these milestones are absolutely hard if not impossible to reach for artists in general… shit like this happens only to the “really big ones”. We are talking of people who made music history… okay, I gotta stop here otherwise I’ll start crying I’m just so proud of her
  10. Preach HER POWER… NO ONE from the 2010s has something like she does nowadays… this happens when you release TIMELESS QUALITY MUSIC
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