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  1. Does anyone think the Daddy and Mammy line was kind of weird? Is that the original lyric? Is Mammy an offensive term? I could be completely wrong. I have heard the term used offensively, but that doesn't necessarily make it offensive. Just wondering, I genuinely don't know.
  2. are you surprised Lana hasn't had a long lasting romantic relationship? I mean her lyrics are so romantic and beautiful, you'd think she could pretty much have any man under her spell. I know that relationships are a lot more complicated than that, but Lana genuinely seems like a dream girl. You'd think she'd be locked down and cuffed by now. what do you think?
  3. I know this is a weird thing to say, but I always wondered how Lana would be different if she had big boobs. Lana always had like a classic elegance about her. I think part of it was due to her being flat chested. she appeared to have a certain modestly mixed with sexiness. If she had big boobs would she still maintain that elegant image. Now her boobs are pretty big and she's actually is showing them off more. I wonder how that will change her image.
  4. am i the only one that thinks a buttoned up plaid shirt is ugly as hell? my 88 year old grandfather has the same one. grandpa style if you ask me.
  5. Do you think Lana was responsible for the whole daddy kink memes and jokes on tumblr and other social media? or do you think she just joined a small trend? I know that Lana loves to romanticize the past. Back in the day, like in the 20's, 30's and 40's, calling a man a daddy was more normal. If you watch old movies, you hear it quite a bit. It wasn't necessarily sexual. Just like calling a younger woman a baby, calling a man your daddy, was more just saying he's your man. Following the decades the term daddy was turned into a more obscure kink. People didn't really use it much, and the vast majority of people were not into it. When Lana came onto the scene, she started using it. I think when she was singing songs like Yayo, with lyrics like " I wear your sparkle, You call me your mama, Let me put on a show for you daddy", she was showing a more honest and private side to her sexuality. I don't think it was try hard or over the top, like the "choke me daddy" comments on twitter. I think when Lana used of term daddy in her songs, it really was not anywhere else that I saw. Now it's more popular with young girls. IDK, but I was wondering if there was a correlation there.
  6. I feel the exact same way. I still love her music, but don't connect to it as much anymore. It's still amazing music and better than what most other artists putting out today, but I no longer music feel any really strong emotions for it. I think the main reason for me is that so many songs are about California. I lived in the LA area for a couple years and hated it. When you struggle financially, LA is not a fun place to live. There are two LA's. One for the rich and one for the poor. The cost of living is also insane, and the people there are very aggressive because of their impoverished circumstances. When I think of LA, it is not a happy place. Venice Beach is actually a really unsafe, filled with homeless people and mentally unstable people very high on drugs. Many other parts of LA are filled with poverty and are not safe. Beverly Hills is not the California I could afford to be in. Also I wish there was more variety like her old songs. Most of NFR, sounded the same to me, and that was disappointing.
  7. I assuming everyone here are huge Lana fans lol duh. But what other musicians or artists are you hard core massive fans of? Also before you knew Lana existed, who was your all time favorite artist? My favorite artists are Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Janis Ian, Nina Simone, Carol king, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Manson, Jim Morrison. When I was little my favorite artist was Janis Joplin, then Amy Winehouse, then Lana Del Rey. I was just curious about who inspires you guys the most.
  8. this is her best red carpet look in years. i hope she doesn't cut her hair again. it looks so pretty at this length.
  9. Do you think that the reason Lana doesn't wear makeup or do any type of hair care, is because of that guy she's dating? I had a used to have a friend that always had cute makeup looks and wore cute outfits suddenly quit. I asked her why, and she told me her boyfriend liked the natural look and did't let her wear makeup or tight clothes. I feel like her recent lack of anything beauty related, is a out of character. She always looked nice in the past, and put a lot of effort into her appearance. She doesn't even seem to wear light, natural looking makeup. Just bare faced. Her hair also looks very dry and straw like. She doesn't seem to like taking anytime for self-care. Just wondering if you guys think it's the guy she's dating is controlling or if she's going through a deep depression? A lot of abusive men have issues with their girlfriends looking pretty, because they're insecure.
  10. not sure if this is the right thread but i'm looking for a download of the song Midnight Dancer Girlfriend, the original not the remix. Sorry if this is not allowed, i'm not sure if this is a rule violation. i know the song is old so i'm hoping someone has it.
  11. the gucci video actually made me sad, because it showed a glimpse of what Lana used to be. she's still beautiful, talented, and amazing, but she has lost all her glamour, style, and allure. the next thing she posted after the gucci ad was her singing with no makeup, and her hair all messy. i have no problem with her natural beauty, but i'm bummed that Land Del Rey is basically dead. we still have Lizzy which is amazing, but i miss Lana.
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