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  1. 301

    Neon Hitch

    Presaved the single out of habit honestly. I’m not looking forward to it. I’ve been listening to all her old music a lot lately & I miss the unique gyp*y pop sound she had. Like her Gucci Gucci & drop it like it’s hot covers were VERY her in that era. If she’s truly done with her hippie experimental era I’d be happy cuz they’re just not good to me. But if she’s still in that era in her life…..I’ll just keep waiting for the next era.
  2. 301

    Ryn Weaver

    She posted a story asking who wanted to hear teases of the new music & she left me on delivered when I replied to her story 💀 but left my friend on read. wonder if she has favorites & they were lucky enough to hear them
  3. 301

    Neon Hitch

    nope, she just waited for the covid travel ban to be lifted since she's anti vax. She herself said it on her story MONTHS ago. Maybe a year now tbh.
  4. 301

    Ryn Weaver

    Yeah that was him lol.
  5. 301

    Ryn Weaver

    I just hope those songs in the snippets make the cut. they sounded so good. it just kinda sucks we never left her side and have yet to even have a definitive answer, though i know things are ever changing. Cute updates from ryn would be appreciated rather than info or teases from literally tiktok lives (the lyrics above) from random people. Her one friend was zach was on tiktok too i guess someone recognized him and asked about odin st & all he said was it's a banger and that we're in for a treat. I only caught that since i was thirst watching waiting for him to drop the of info 💀
  6. 301

    Ryn Weaver

    the owners of that apparatus wouldn't let them steal that magic moment with you down in Bushwick we were drinking you're a heavy weight till the very last L train thinking right now i don't want go home.....
  7. 301

    Neon Hitch

    was peterpan for eleuthero?
  8. 301

    Neon Hitch

    She’s trying to sell music again
  9. 301

    Neon Hitch

    I wonder if she’s seen the news about Selena & Benny
  10. 301

    Ryn Weaver

    What's in the zip so you don't have to DL to see: all out of love bird flu contentment heartbreaker lie to me - so fucking good omg lucky mad love maybe midnight voyeur nothing to hide from - iirc gwen pitch? peach, plum, pear sleeping in the deep end stop that the architect when love hurts with me you as someone already stated, they've been around if you're a long time beweaver. there's nothing new that hasn't been heard. though...if you want to be mad about something be mad at the one girl on tiktok in a random live i was watching teasing new music coming "soon", saying shes besties with ryn, texts her all the time, and that ryn sent her the new demo of odin st just to get the attention of the person streaming cuz they were a fan of ryn. I'm pretty sure ryn wouldn't be that happy about that but you know...whatever. We've been hearing "this year" for a while now and i still absolutely adore her and love her but i'm done being at the edge of my seat. Just release it when you release it. Will i still jump when she randomly teases things or they leak of course but yeah not getting my hopes up for a early 2024 release. Hopefully i'm wrong though and will be buying the album on all formats. if anyone wants to leak anything they should be leaking devils advocate that's a long time want of mine tbh since she sang it once on periscope and said it almost made it on the fool. I've asked her for it many times and she told me she doesn't share songs with fans...but yeah...i know now she does. ex: that girl in the live and the person here that leaked those snippets of bloodlet, stop and i forgot what else was in there. Funny thing about stop is that she was live once and said that would NEVER come out after she played it for us but i'm glad to see it's actually being thought about and possibly released it was such a fun cute song. She also played bloodlet that night and one other song i forgot the name of. Which again...said would never come out and were all old songs.
  11. 301

    Neon Hitch

    apparently it's not the full but the file the leaker got was this one.
  12. 301


    Bobbi's been active and released a few songs under Peachy CC: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0YuSg52nSBDvEVCFnBsnjI?si=APO5RhvgQ4uId10L-0kNLQ And his show came out today but they only have 2 episodes on youtube but the whole season is available in Canada: https://youtu.be/gZJaJr4FCPg?si=bcsqdgPciE2my0LM https://youtu.be/h8jv521LESQ?si=Slp-lteMLUka9zR_
  13. 301

    Bonnie McKee

    Apparently she said that the only song that had MAJOR changes sonically was DGMGF and i'm so glad. I just heard it and it's horrible, to me at least. Thankfully it's only 1:21 long. Kinda hopeful for the rest of the album. Spring is taking too long to get here.
  14. 301

    Brooke Candy

    Lipgloss with her verse finally leaked thank god
  15. 301

    Sky Ferreira

    i remember this and was shocked she even had a merch site to begin with, i only ordered the cd from amoeba like a dumb binch. so i didn't order from the site though i NEVER saw anyone post about theirs arriving.
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