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  1. Banned because I want to know what you imagined saying to the person you imagined you saying the thing I want to know
  2. Kill kill all these putas Lana Del Rey Lizzy Grant May Jailer
  3. Sorry for the late reply. It's the "Out of the black", "Into the blue" parts I'm referring to. Someone here pointed that out once and it just got stuck in my head.
  4. CrazySister

    Song vs. Song

    Born To Die vs Honeymoon
  5. Till this date, I still have difficulty in listening to Get Free. I know it's a happy song, but it makes so damn emotional and then this puta puts that Lizzy feat there How am I left? That's right: ugly crying on the floor "Out of the blaaaack (OUT OF THE BLACK!) Into the blueeeee (INTO THE BLUE!) " Ugggghhhh
  6. CrazySister

    Song vs. Song

    Wayamaya vs Breaking My Heart
  7. In the car, in the backseat on a hot, but still fresh afternoon, just genuinely enjoying the moment and the little bliss that come with the feeling of having everything right into place. Afraid
  8. I would love to know who is K and more about the wild Lizzy years she sings about tbh. But I don't think I would even dare to ask her about this because I think I could be hitting quite a personal territory that is none of my bussiness, but I just can't help the curiosity . Plus she would probably laugh, or ignore or just simply lie . I wouldn't mind this last one tho, because you know what they say "every lie has a background of truth" hehe On the other hand, I don't think it would hurt anyone ask about Yosemite and Life Is Beautiful lol.
  9. CrazySister

    Song vs. Song

    Fordham Road vs Your Band Is All The Rage
  10. From what I remember, first time I heard White Mustang, it reminded me of To Build A Home... Gramma kinda reminds me of All The Right Moves by One Republic. Lust For Life the album gives me a few Beatles vibes. And I'm not too sure about this one, but Sad Girl started giving me Frank Sinatra vibes a while ago too...
  11. I never thought that one day I would think Charlie was hot, but humhum...
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