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  1. does the black line on the left of the album cover bother anyone else?
  2. i (almost) f*cked my way up to the top
  3. i'll go crazy if i obsess over snippets for too long change is a beautiful song but an album full of changes doesn't make sense. if you took a single song from sirens it sounds really nice, but like no one really acknowledges sirens' existence. surf rock i can get behind though
  4. ugh no, one piano ballad per album thanks and make that one piano ballad mean something
  5. i need to stop talking about lust for life ahahaha but for the sake of 'discussion'... what i was trying to say is that to me the first half of the album feels very messy, and imo from gba down it feels the most coherent (and i also just adore folk lana) i know y'all dont like god bless america.. but the bridge and the way it blends into the chorus is heavenly bpbp, tnc, and change are all beautiful and then you've got heroin and get free, those don't need any explanation i do want to apologise for what i said about in my feelings though, i'm sorry about that
  6. i think it's just because there's too many mediocre songs: white mustang, in my feelings, coachella etc. but imo the album is pretty from god bless america down also nfr makes me appreciate this era's visual consistency
  7. we love shameless self-promotion (i'm vibing hard with life as a teenage robot)
  8. ugh i recognise that koji kondo composition but i just can't name it i also had a look at your soundcloud and i love what you're doing, baby moonstone is a tune i wish it was just called "Hope Is A Dangerous Thing"
  9. "change is a powerful thing" ​triforce of power "hope is a dangerous thing" triforce of wisdom ...are there any other things? ​a triforce of courage perhaps???
  10. i'm convinced the poetry book cover will just be another selfie goddamnit
  11. i was at a party sitting on the kitchen counter with a friend and out of the blue we both started singing mariner's apartment complex
  12. it would be interesting if nfr had two parts similar to her other albums, like the first half is doin' time kinda vibes and it transitions into slower and moodier venice bitch stuff
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