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  1. When she releases this single and Downhill Lullabys us again
  2. dammit I missed Sunset. Heard Smoke tho, release it caroline please. She's the cutest When she skipped along the stage and held the mic into the crowd for "show me the banana" ugh I love her.
  3. Ryusei


    By far her best album wow. She delivered.
  4. Ryusei

    Kim Petras

    I hate how good this single is. Damn you Dr Luke
  5. These new songs sound very interesting i‘m intrigued.
  6. Hope there will be fan videos of today‘s show since she‘s debuting new songs + other surprises (which I guess will be guest performers) hope she announces the EP soon
  7. Bunny Is A Rider grew so much on me it's crazy. At first I was disappointed and now I can't get it out of my head and love it. She is a witch of music.
  8. Ryusei


    I loved it. Very warm and gentle. Much better than the first album, which was truly boring imo. I love the little flourishes of sax and harp. It sounds exactly what the album cover looks like. Total winter album tho imo so a bit of a weird release date. Maybe I'm just influenced by the snow on the album cover.
  9. I'm so excited and it's only 1 full day away
  10. Ryusei

    Billie Eilish

    I actually like that she does this. It's becoming her thing and not everything is better because there are lots of "zomg lewrks and stages" (not putting words in your mouth just echoing what "wows" a lot of the crowd (and by crowd I mean gays)) It creates a specific athmosphere. All that being said I'm all but sold on this album so far but I'll gladly be positively surprised if the full thing is cool to listen to.
  11. Beyond excited for new music She had so many exciting people in her instagram stories in the past few months like Arca and Holly Herndon I hope she worked with them. AOTY incoming
  12. Ryusei


    Lorde here i come
  13. Ryusei

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    This album has the bops, the mid-tempos and the ballads in just 10 songs and it's immaculate. What a return to form from ms Merna
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