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  1. Ryusei

    Charli XCX

    thank you very very much search features are lowkey bad and don't always work. I'm usually not one to not go through the pages but there was so much unknown stuff to me thrown around that I needed to ask. Lazy
  2. Ryusei

    Charli XCX

    Umm could someone give a brief recap of what happened in here? seems like a lot of leaks happened and i have absolutely no overview. I also saw mentions of a tracker, could anyone link that?
  3. How dare she be excited about a song by a famous artist about her grandma.. You only have max. 2 grandmas in your life ever and if you‘re close thats smth special
  4. "On January 10, 2021, before the title track release, Del Rey posted the cover art and tracklist for the album.[11] She also left an Instagram comment elaborating on the cover art and preemptively responding to criticism about the diversity of the group of people it depicts.[14]" Someone delete this out of the wiki of the album page
  5. Just reading this thread is cracking me up djdjfjjdf
  6. and now the part of "what we've been waiting for" and emergency and stuff please? Give us a hint
  7. so what exactly is the thing we've all been waiting for? I'm lost
  8. COCC is a visual album and the music video that is coming today is a 90 minute movie
  9. UMMM??? I just came back after sleeping. Coming back to more mess and now there's a pop music emergency?
  10. Check out Joan's album Diamonds and Rust it's gorgeous. It's the one Lana got a vinyl of. Don't you disrespect this legend
  11. Ryusei

    Instagram Updates

    she'll be smashing elbows with a hammer instead of knee caps in this video yup. Tonya Del Rey incoming.
  12. Ryusei

    Caroline Polachek

    Breathless is finally on streaming the aesthetic of this lyric video is so nice
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