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  1. Does the alt cover contain any posters too?
  2. Is there any point in waiting for the next week's to buy the vinyl? Maybe another limited edition coming out?
  3. I think these links point to merch from various artists and not just Lana's....
  4. Can I ask the name of eclipse's insta account? Is it allowed?
  5. I am so sorry to be asking this question, but do we have any new info? haven't been here for hours.....
  6. Diamonds ans Rust is not only a great song, it would suit her voice so well!!! (I would love to hear to SYtH with this new direction of production tho)
  7. Wildflower Wildfire is themmaticaly so close to Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass and she really did that and I love it.
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