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  1. There should be a thread where even artist can post their alternate covers. It'll be easier for people who want a better one to find
  2. Do you know where that fanmade cover is for me to use on my iTunes?
  3. Ouch, that hurts LOL If she ends up not releasing HWWT - after promising it and KNOWING how much we all want it - then, bye!
  4. So angry. No HWWT? No 'funky' song? What is this MADNESS . . have we been punked by Rina? I -
  5. Exactly. Don't expect MAG 2.0 - this is a quality bop, just accept it!
  6. Third-ed! I cannot find it anywhere online - please and thank you! Agreed. IK she said that, though, so she HAS to be saving it for something. Maybe a standalone single in another few months or at 1yr to 'complete' the era?
  7. Yup. I heard rumor 5 new songs will be released, including Lucid. She's already said HWWT will be released one day, so thats basically confirmed. Looks like a few of the outtakes will be scrapped (though just because a title was in the board doesn't mean it was finalized). I just hope we get the "complete collection" of songs
  8. More is 100% coming. She wouldn't troll us like that hsjxjsjxj
  9. She posted a picture on Insta of the outtakes whiteboard. Surely, they - or some - are coming.
  10. I figured - in which case, yes, they are also circulating.
  11. First sentence: not true Second sentence: I'm assuming you mean Lady Marmalade . . which other 2?
  12. I wish - but she wouldn't do that now. I'm sure she'll just go onto #3 (or scrap it ddddd)
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