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  1. abysmal angel


    pause i’m so excited
  2. abysmal angel


    i was willing to hear her out but the fact she deleted the acc before addressing it is... yikes
  3. abysmal angel

    LIZ Y2K

    she really buried charlene with electricity, whew!
  4. abysmal angel

    LIZ Y2K

    how is LIZ gonna cover KATE BUSH plsss. i’m ready for the butchery. but i’m honestly excited for this mixtape, especially the collabo w/ senda. vocaloid serve incoming
  5. abysmal angel


    hello kitty would have fit so well in between tattoo & e-boy i really hope it makes the deluxe edition
  6. abysmal angel


    DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!! only 6 songs in and i’m bald... devil sounds like delicious on steroids. ur man.... this shit is in different areas daddy af kind of slapping... still the weakest track as of yet suckin’ and making you uh! he bout to bust! PLEASECOMEFUCKMEIMHORNY MOTORCYCLE????!!3!:{!:!:$/$-$:&2&/2 OHHH H H H H H H HH H H H H H MUGDOFKFOF OMG SHE IS A LYRICIST DID SHE SAY ‘I’M IN LOVE WITH YOUR FLUFFY CHEST HAIR’JDJDJDJDJWJWJ celebrity is STELLAR tattoo is so cute AHHHH the chorus is already stuck in my head I JUST WANT TO PARTY WITH MY BEST FRIEND oh wow.. oh wow.. e-boy isn’t doing much for me, i get the vibe they’re going for tho. hopefully this one’s a grower.. touch my body beginning I FEEL EMOTIONAL TOUCH MY BODYYYYY PRETTIEST LYRICS EVER ghosttt... where’s the flavour in this? i don’t taste anything.. i don’t taste sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, milk... nothing! wait it picked up REALLY quick okay ghosttt is cute omg what a fucking experience... she delivered!!!!
  7. abysmal angel


    less than 12 hours until nz release!!! touch my body is already song of the year
  8. is there a way to watch it besides compiling youtube clips?
  9. abysmal angel

    Charli XCX

    omg i forgot brooke candy was featured on shake it. i jumped
  10. abysmal angel

    Azealia Banks

    wait, she came through? listening now... ready for the earrape
  11. abysmal angel

    Charli XCX

    finally something listenable. we love her again!
  12. abysmal angel

    Ava Max

    just heard torn on the radio, she came for my scalp! it’s a shame her personality is so insufferably cringy and gimmicky, i was ready to stan
  13. abysmal angel


    daddy af is her worst, by miles. the fact it made the final cut over classics like hello kitty or sweet 16 still irks me
  14. abysmal angel


    the cover is so sexy omfggggg. totally worth the wait btw robokid said there would be some more ayesha produced tracks on the mixtape, must be devil or motorcycle. hopefully both!!
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