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  1. obviously there's room in the industry for everybody... it would be unrealistic to expect every singer to be a genius songwriter who can craft intricate masterpieces from scratch and to write masterful, intriguing lyrics... but i believe singers/musicians who do write their own music have more artistic merit, there's a difference between somebody who put their own creativity and soul into a song and somebody who sings over a demo created by somebody who actually has the skill to craft a song... i'm not saying artists who simply sing over demos have no talent or creativity, but let's not act like they're on the same level artistically as people who actually put in the effort to compose and write their music lol
  2. Surf Noir

    Britney Spears

    people are so overly critical and dramatic, they're not even real knifes, they're halloween props
  3. if sky ferreira hasn't done shit with her own career in 10 years, she isn't going to start now with somebody else
  4. Surf Noir

    Song vs. Song

    bad disease vs. fordham road
  5. oh say can you see (demo)... honestly one of her most beautiful tracks and nobody ever talks about it
  6. perhaps ldr10 will be a return to blue hydrangeas
  7. Surf Noir

    Song vs. Song

    wait for life vs. i don't wanna go
  8. what the hell is happening in this thread let's switch it up... what will be the flower of this era?
  9. chemtrails over the country club (the song) is overrated, somebody had to say it, is it a great song? yes, one of her absolute best? ...no
  10. hmm... love it if it's really cold, but i actually prefer cooler showers mint chocolate-chip ice cream
  11. lana in the recording booth recording freak era
  12. i really love jon batiste interlude, but imagine if it were a full-length song i think we can do without interludes for ldr10, i'm not a huge fan of interludes in general and they do feel like filler
  13. ldr10's possible country/americana/folk influence suddenly reminded me of the song she sang over in the never let me go concept demo
  14. YES! it's such a nostalgic album which feels so summery and americana especially songs with a folky/rural feel like queen of the gas station, oh say can you see, raise me up (mississippi south), and pawn shop blues, for k, pt. 2, and jump also have that similar feel but with a different tone/vibe, even the surf noir songs of AKA like kill kill and mermaid motel feel americana even if their sound invokes oceanic, tropical, and mystical imagery rather than nature and rural/southern landscapes, every track off of AKA is perfect and so special and so unique... AKA remains album of the century!
  15. rick nowels' long-lost twin brother, nick rowels
  16. i want ldr10 to sound like this photo
  17. hoping for these vibes for americana ldr10 also, anything similar to her old, acoustic lizzy grant songs, like pawn shop blues, money hunny, oh say can you see, super movie, and your band is all the rage!
  18. she'll include the happiest girl in the whole U.S.A for a lizzy grant-esque, cute, americana, kitschy closing track!
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