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  1. Imagine if Lana pulled a "Roses Bloom for You" and teases a snippet of a song she wont release? Craazy!
  2. I totally agree. LFL had that theme of internal and external reflextion, and OB really did it too. I kinda just wished Lana never really “Ended Eras” and would provide more media and content from them. You ate!!
  3. begging for a Lust for Life 2. I’d doubt she’d make one cause Ocean Blvd really closed this door, but imagine a Lost for Life or Life for Lust? 😞
  4. she would probably also have menu items named after american icons. like elvis sandwiches.
  5. Millionaire Snippet 1 - Lana del Rey 😑😑😑
  6. I was definitely thinking of there being a "Lana at Waffle House" breakfast special.
  7. If Lana had a restaurant, what menu items would they serve, and how would it look like? (If I get rich, I'll 1000000% make this happen lol) I'll go first: It would serve classic white milkshakes, and it's AKA themed section would look like a classic 50's diner.
  8. i love the creativity that comes within being in the pre-released era, and how many things are up to our imagination up to this point. i wonder how "country" lana will actually go, and what type of country lana is going to do. will she do soft country ballads, or upbeat rock-like country? will the album be full country?
  9. i love Lana’s themes, she really paints a picture with her words. shes so creative and poetic! my favorite symbol would probably be deserts (cherry and keylime pies, icees, sodas, soft icecream, etc). they portray an image of innocence and sweetness.
  10. Talk about a song, and debate whether it’s released version or demo is better! Have fun and make friends in da comments!
  11. i feel like some albums in her discography are already like sequels/ sister albums. i would have said LFL and Ocean Blvd. but I feel like OB is the matured sister of LFL lol. I would do Honeymoon and Ultraviolence ❤️‍🔥 super amazing concepts, i wish there was more for honeymoon tbh
  12. psycholifegaurd

    Song vs. Song

    Your Girl 👰🏻‍♀️ vs. West Coast 🏝️
  13. me .03 seconds after watching Tropico i doubt she did. it would’ve been a more prominent theme in her songs, or atleast it would’ve been known. most artist who stripped are known to be strippers, as some are publicly open about it
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