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  1. I definitely hear similarities but both albums were originally meant to be released within a week of each other so I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Both would've been done way before each heard them.
  2. Is love me right going to be on streaming services or just physical?
  3. Just read somewhere the US web store version is extended? Anyone know anything?
  4. fkitiloveme

    Charli XCX

    Anyone managed to fill in the blanks from the merch yet? Are they all lyrics?
  5. fkitiloveme

    Charli XCX

    Think it's the 'final' as it had the 'taxi for one' post choruses
  6. Am yet to receive my Manchester ones. It says on SeeTickets that they'll come before the week before event.
  7. Get Free The Ordinary World Illusions Modern Manifesto Chasing Rainbows Nothing To Hold On To Trance The Threshold Reveal Of My Heart Birds Of Paradise Out Of The Black Into The Blue
  8. Ugh I'm so glad to see more UV songs on the setlist.
  9. So she's keeping the medley if she was sound checking Change, Black Beauty and Young and Beautiful?
  10. fkitiloveme

    Charli XCX

    Tbf Charli is a good album so the setlist is full of bops, it's just surprising she's performing I Love It instead of GNO. She obviously loves that song to death and this is the first time since forever that it isn't on the setlist.
  11. Yeah it's very weird like I don't even remember there being uproar for her to play them after she said that so I'm confused yet grateful. Anyways I just hope she keeps them for the UK leg.
  12. True. However she's started playing Teen Idle again after saying she wouldn't so I guess we never know with her
  13. Anyone else really confused as to why she isn't playing Fear & Loathing on the Love + FEAR tour? Like it would be such a perfect closer to the 'Fear' half, seems odd that she replaced 'Immortal' with 'Baby' rather than F&L especially considering Baby is a LOVE track.
  14. So are we assuming Chelsea Hotel No. 2 is on the setlist for this leg?
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