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  1. On the 3 or barclaycard? I assume with the barclaycard one it's similar to the amex one was for hyde park - you could go all the way but had to pay with that specific card. Not sure about 3 tho
  2. Iirc Raye was on the same day as Lana when the link showed the day splits. Hopefully they'll post the poster in the next few days
  3. Tbf her doing west isn't a massive loss as she wont have curfew issues; the wait wont be as long; and hopefully most of the kids will be waiting at the other stage for fred again Though they might cut her off if she goes over her slot as the two main stages are quite close to each other and they deliberately don't overlap the artists iirc
  4. She's doing Saturday Reading, Sunday Leeds https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/reading-and-leeds-festival The way I've got to age 23 without having to brave either of these festivals I fear it might be the end of me
  5. If we're keeping the main framework of the show the same, this is what I'd go with: Nature Boy / A&W [no idea why this was scrapped as an opening] Art Deco [replacing Y&B [will never happen but I can dream]] The Trio / Black Bathing Suit [replacing Bartender and its interlude. I love BT but now I've seen it live I'd want to make room for something else, I feel like BBS is a similar vibe, she could still sit in her chair etc.] Chemtrails Grants Flipside [literally why didn't she keep this? this and the Grants transitioned perfectly] Cherry [Honestly think this should never leave the setlist] Freak [PWYC used to be one of my fav songs but I feel like it's been on the setlist far too long. She can still lie on the floor if she wants. Terrence would also be good here] Ride (w monologue intro) NFR HIAB [Replacing Arcadia. She'd probs only do half the song similar to NFR and Arcadia] Cinnamon [Criminal that this has never been on the setlist. Though wish she'd do it fully with the big instrumental outro and not just piano] Brooklyn Baby [Replacing UV - it blew up the past couple years so shocked it was never on the set] West Coast [There's no reason this shouldn't have been added to her permanent roster with all the BTD songs] Let The Light In Summertime Sadness [I tried to only keep 2 BTD songs, and it seems like SS & VG are the ones that have to stay] Dance Till We Die [This would just be incredible live, the dancers would eat it up] Ocean Blvd Video Games Thunder [Obviously a huge rocky version. Still salty this didn't make it when she literally got singers for this tour] It's so funny to me that most of these songs aren't even deep cuts, like HIAB/Brooklyn Baby/West Coast got huge the last few years but are never performed. I hope she realises she has so many hits and can literally just perform what she wants and we'll all know all the words
  6. I think they're referring to the OG UO press' grooves looking a bit weird. I think it's to do with how thin the record itself is, or maybe it's just a US vinyl thing? I'm not sure as it's the only record I have from the US. I don't have the new one on me to compare, the closest one I have is the chemtrails blue: UV Chemtrails
  7. Do we know if the outer sleeve is matt like the original or gloss? I really missed the matt on UV it would've worked perfectly for the B&W OB records
  8. If you're in the UK then there's hope. With the explicit cover vinyl mine was dispatched on the Thursday and came on the Friday! I think they sent them all Royal Mail 24 (even if you picked standard delivery)
  9. It must've been half spontaneous if it wasn't on the printed setlist. But I'm so confused if the original plan was to bring him out to just play piano for a cover when he's had such a hand in like a third of her discography at this point
  10. omg I didn't realise the dancers were back and thought she'd changed into a reflective skirt
  11. wait didn't she say something about Margaret and then summertime sadness started... I'm so confused
  12. I can't wait for the dancers to do their ultraviolence runs on this 10 square-metre stage
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