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  1. Yeah COCC was the only non-local.. I remember it bc everyone was so crazy because we'd had the leak for weeks and it was a running joke after the white dress debacle that they were dragging out the release as much as they possibly could
  2. I feel like we can't expect initial acclaim to this album. To critics reviewing after one listen there's a huge chunk of the album (interludes, Kintsugi, Fingertips) that is just so inaccessible to a casual listener. I feel like if she really wanted NFR level acclaim she would've just took these off the album and released K/F as a double single, the rest of the album would've still been as long as her others.
  3. I couldn't see her bothering to come all the way to the UK until June - hopefully she'll record a live lounge while she's here for Glastonbury and do a show us actual fans can get tickets to
  4. That would be amazing! I wonder if this is what she meant in the interview when she said about declining the last 3 years of Glasto because they didn't have a 'full band' (though I didn't overly understand what she meant here because there's only been 1 Glastonbury since she was last on the lineup)
  5. My delusional ass had a vision that she'll bring the backup singers on to do The Grants & Tunnel and then close with Thunder
  6. No bc the first time I saw this it was a TikTok Stan dancing to it and I've been disgusted by the idea of it since.
  7. Guys the surprise was that the setlist will now include a medley of Ocean songs as well as 10 BTD ones
  8. I think she was saying that Lana was tonight and then introduced the band of tomorrow's hottest record. Hope I'm wrong though
  9. Do we even have evidence that she’s in London? I thought she was seen in NYC since the pics on the plane
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