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  1. It must've been half spontaneous if it wasn't on the printed setlist. But I'm so confused if the original plan was to bring him out to just play piano for a cover when he's had such a hand in like a third of her discography at this point
  2. omg I didn't realise the dancers were back and thought she'd changed into a reflective skirt
  3. wait didn't she say something about Margaret and then summertime sadness started... I'm so confused
  4. I can't wait for the dancers to do their ultraviolence runs on this 10 square-metre stage
  5. So she isn't in a headline slot for this one?? Omg she HAS to be on time nfr bartender chemtrails mariners ride video games blue banisters arcadia let the light in hollywood bowl breaking up slowly dance till we die dykttatuob lmlylaw wild at heart This is such a good opportunity to give some love to cocc tracks
  6. Omg Lana did so so amazing There were so many people in my bit of gold circle that just didn’t know any of the songs tho… like why did you pay that much
  7. Surely they’ll have to be moved on… there’s an event today so people will literally have to use that entrance
  8. Yeah I wasn't planning on going early either, and it seems so unlikely but also EXTREMELY Lana of her to do something like this. Especially since her slot is no longer for this show than for her others, so we might not get the collabs during her set. Also from a quick scan I don't think any of the collabs have clashing set times? I'm simply ignoring the safety issue of her walking across the park to the other stages
  9. When Lana randomly appears on the rainbow stage at 4:49 for the live debut of peppers
  10. I fear we expected Lana and her team to think logically
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