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  1. i still haven’t processed or recovered from this concert. camping in 96 degree heat was hard but i got thru that so i thought the worse was over.. then doors opened and it was a DISASTER. there was no clear direction of where to go at all and the staff was extremely underprepared for the hoards of people. it was my first time seeing her in 5 years too.. like the amount of defeat and heartbreak i felt standing in the freezing rain after camping for soooo long in 96 degree weather is unexplainable. and then i curse myself for not believing she could come on bc i basically pushed inside so i wouldn’t have to be in the cold rain thinking they’d just cancel, then they let everyone back onto the floor and i was held back by so many people and lost my barricade spot. i pushed myself up to 2nd row so im not upset about my view but basically all that time camping felt like such a waste. i suppose thats the way it does work with GA is that it is a free for all, so you’re not just guaranteed that spot bc you camped. but it still hurts a lot and sucks. by the time she came back out i was emotionless and my morale was completely down. But at the end of the day, I did see her and she looked the most gorgeous I have ever seen her. It was just hella traumatic and next time I see her imma have so much PTSD 😭
  2. im not trying to defend the stadium at all because it was ass backwards but the entire show they gave pit free water bottles. as well as when camping every couple hours they’d bring us ice cold cases of water as well. they just prob don’t have enough for the whole venue to get for free, sadly
  3. i can’t even describe how painful this show was and the levels of defeat i felt at every moment. omfg like this legit traumatized me. i camped for 2 days got my barricade spot just to be forced out of the pit and then i couldn’t get my spot back 2 hours later. Nearly nobody i camped with made it back it was soooooo insane. The rain was freezing cold after it was 96 degrees for two days.
  4. guys that was a shit show they opened every gate to pit at once and you had to go thru several checkpoints and show ur ticket and get stamped and get a new bracelet and show ur ticket again it was TERRIBLE.
  5. wait can anyone explain why Ultraviolence was released on the 13th in some countries and the 17th in the US
  6. pinewoodlogs

    Charli XCX

    right before party 4 u started Charli ranted about her beef against this rope she was trying to use for a prop in the show lol. it was so cute. what an amazing show tho literally the best charli concert ive been to
  7. pinewoodlogs

    Charli XCX

    well you won’t have to wait long
  8. If the pretty when u cry video leaks on the 13th i will go into cardiac arrest fr …..
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