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  1. i am on the floor she's done it again. her party dress has been dusted off and topanga's still fuckin hot
  2. anyone else hear this weird irrelevant buzzing sound all of a sudden?
  3. she's really just gonna show up out of the b l u e and serve us visual after visual huh
  4. eclipse's twitter, he has some others there too. not sure if they're actually legit tho
  5. turns out that when you share a stupid opinion others are allowed to share their opinions on said stupid opinion
  6. still requiring her to alter her default appearance to conform to your standards of beauty. i don't care what kind of makeup you require her to do, you're still requiring her to do it. i don't wanna clog up the thread and make innocent people keep reading your SPICY hot takes so i'm just going to leave it at that
  7. where i come from it's called 'misogyny.' a woman should not be expected to paint over her bare face or burn her hair into ~long romantic curls~ in order to be accepted by YOU or anyone else. you're comparing a woman having to reconstruct her face shape with makeup to a man being clean and getting a haircut? really?
  8. first post lol the UO cover is so cute, but imagine if they were all wearing flowy witchy victorian-inspired dresses. like in white or black. it'd give me '60s the love witch vibes. it might not fit the sound of the album but neither does athleisure wear whatever she cute tho
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