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  1. Leo and Cancer aren’t opposite signs. Leos opp sign is Aquarius and Cancer’s is Capricorn. water and fire aren’t opposites! They’re both quite passionate and emotionally driven. The sun is who we are becoming in this lifetime and the moon is who we came here as. She is becoming Cancerian more and more with age, past about 25? we end up kind of “swallowing” our moons so to speak and start to strongly show traits of our sun’s sign, placement and aspects. The older we get, the more we become our Sun, but ofc some ppl evolve faster or slower than others Leo and Cancers have similarities as each sign takes on traits of the sign before and after them Leos love family, togetherness, sharing, etc. I see her doing that lately. Leo moons treat their emotions as a stage and dramatically perform them for you! Which I think explains Lana so much... Cancer and Leo are both very dramatic, creative signs and her Scorpio rising adds the intensity of the expression. my chart is similar to hers so I relate
  2. This is the most stupid shit to debate. Go meditate or read a book lmfao
  3. Idea vs Execution Could’ve been executed a lot better Part of me is hoping its not the actual cover lol
  4. Omg when I saw the cover on IG my mind immeditately started critiquing how amateur and messy it looked and how she used her friends instead of pro models for it n rly thought I was the only one having these toxic thoughts lmao I believe shes doing it for herself because it feels good and authentic, shes not caring so much about marketing and being super perfect i think shes focused on doing whatever feels good in life atm
  5. I stopped listening to Lana in October, completely didnt listen to anything because her music gets unhealthy for me and makes me stuck in sad/dark phases for too long Feels good to have a fresh clean slate to rly appreciate the album from
  6. I mean she wasnt mad about a fan posting a clip of her, she was upset because she thought their intention of posting it was to hurt her image
  7. I. SCREAMED. Omfg I thought it was a fake screenshot ofmwhgsksbisja “Bro. I’ve been waiting for u to. Do it.” QUEEN. ILY.
  8. Always had a feeling we wouldn’t see the album til a bit later. A bit off topic, but I am a spiritual person and I have noticed alot of things in many people’s lives in general have been getting delayed lately. I think its due to the pandemic, political climate, astrology, etc. timelines continue to shift, paths change bc of the chaos and such. I wouldn’t trust any time predictions from psychics atm because the energy is a bit crazy lately I think releasing an album within the next 3 months wouldn’t have been good timing anyway. Great art takes time and deserves the best.
  9. you’re so sweet <3 Thank you darlings, I will consult a professional a and see if I have to slowly work my way down. I ordered so much hair stuff from amazon but cancelled it all bc I’m scared of ruining my hair LOL
  10. Nikkis voice reminds me of Stevie nicks which i found SOOO BEAUTIFUL in beautiful people beautiful problems Never let me go was country style wasnt it? I rly wnjoyed it. I think her twist on country is nice. Alot of her songs already have a country twist on them lol
  11. Am I crazy for bleaching my hair because Lana is blonde now?? Idk if its the mania from bipolar but Im bleaching my hair tomorrow to slowly go blonde 🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️ Always had dark hair! i had highlights for a while recently bc lana but went back fully dark, now im going to an auburn/light brown color til i do another bleach session and go actual blonde sharing here bc i have barely any friends in general and no one who loves Lana ;C
  12. I doubt Yosemite is on the album because the setting of the album is the midwest, Yosemite is in California. I think it’d be odd to put it in there ? unless its not fully midwestern like I’m expecting she said it herself tho “I’m ready to leave LA” But I guess she could rework it and rename it like she did with the next best american record!!
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