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  1. initial ranking: peppers a&w candy necklace let the light in taco truck x VB fingertips kintsugi margaret sweet DYKTTATUOB fishtail the grants grandfather paris texas jon batiste interlude judah smith interlude this will definitely change with each day but the top 5 is probably gonna stay the same lol
  2. not to be rude but this is not it - listen to what she said in her caption/poem (salamander). she’s not cosplaying as a poet, she’s a literal poet. like by definition lmao. you can not care about reviews but still be bummed if you don’t get the reviews you were hoping for, it makes sense to me. at the end of the day, while i’m sure she’s grateful for us, she owes us nothing and she should make the art that feels true to her. most of us can tell the art is genuine and that’s all that matters. i would never want her to make “bops” just for the sake of appeasing *some* fans - that would suck as an artist. if you’re only in it for the bops, why are you here lmao that comment is a super unfair take
  3. sorry if it’s been posted already, but does someone have the full lyrics to candy necklace?
  4. i guess it could be interpreted with tropico included as well. maybe some songs from the standard version of ocean blvd will get a video at some point, but it’s possible that we would get a huge budget short film for the EP only at a later date. maybe the insider reaction could also be at the genre of the new songs but who knows
  5. ok so i’m feeling like we’re gonna have a born to die/paradise situation, with an ep to follow up Ocean Blvd. but i could really also see her dropping the ep tonight digital only with no physical release as a way to hold us over and defend against leaks. but maybe it’ll come after the album, either way im sure it’s coming
  6. right, the surprise is definitely more, im still holding out for digital drop tonight or short film, but in addition to that the performance would be so cool like it needs to happen lol
  7. it would be so cool if the surprise was a performance in the tunnel itself. ive been able to visit it (well at least the outside of it) and it wasn't anything special cause we couldn't get in, but like what if she performed in there and then afterwards they opened it back up to the public as an old beach tunnel like it used to be?
  8. idk about the album digitally releasing tonight (tho i would die if it did), but i feel like we’re at least getting a single tonight- maybe to coincide with the radio performance this tuesday?
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