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  1. Grandfather’s melody is another level. Fingerprints is stunning and the Jon interlude is definitely interesting. I haven’t heard the rest of the leaks.
  2. Amazing song, amazing covers and shoot, amazing lyrics, amazing number of tracks. She isn't playing this era.
  3. The song is absolutely perfection. The build up in the last minute… I’m floored.
  4. Cover is great, but it should be textless. Full credits there are weird.
  5. 16 tracks, rapper collars... LFL all over the place and I'm here for it.
  6. Neil is probably my favourite photographer in the world. The Weyes Blood cover he made is absolutely stunning.
  7. I need to see the cover so bad. Announce it right now kween
  8. I need a textless cover this time. BB alternative covers without text were the best.
  9. I'm quite sure the album cover will serve, Neil always delivers.
  10. When COCC was released I placed it second after NFR! When BB was released I placed it second because I liked it more than COCC. We are almost in 2023 and my ranking is exactly the same, NFR!, BB and COCC. I’m glad nobody influenced my opinion despite the enormous hate for these two last albums.
  11. Not gays coming for NFR! when it almost gave her her first Grammy and in the most important category.
  12. For the very first time he placed the correct one at 1
  13. 23 songs and let’s see how many of those are fillers. Short quality albums >>>> long filler albums
  14. I always take his taste with a pinch of salt, but I’ll try to believe him (taste related). I adore COCC and BB, so if this album is better I can’t imagine how much I will love it.
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