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    Melanie Martinez

    disappointed...not good
  2. China stopped mass vinyl production very early, although there are some small workshops to produce, the market is depressed. So I don't think so... edit:Why are you so pessimistic, does it matter where vinyl is produced?
  3. 1. Cruel World 2. Ride 3. Born to Die 4. The grants(love the intro but production is a bit simple) 5. Honeymoon(cinematic but not enjoyable experience for me) 6. Text book 7. Love 8. NFR(it's good but not my thing) 9. White dress(the voice scared me I never repay it till now)
  4. this week we'll have surprise to be announced next week we will listen to aoty in full
  5. agreed. All the three singles are better than the last half of uv Edit: aw has confirmed it's much better
  6. oh boring essays again just like the time title track was released ok wait for the surprise to come this week
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