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  1. Salvatore bridge and Freak bridge currently have me on life support
  2. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood sounds like it's going to be a great cover in HQ
  3. Indie

    God Knows I Tried

    The first verse is the most flaw free thing I've ever witnessed Definitely my favorite lyrics on the album
  4. Indie

    Art Deco

    I'm hearing "born to be seen" and "born to be wild" in the first verse also "that's why it's alright" in the pre-chorus, instead of "so right"
  5. Short review and description of the tracks for those who are not listening to the recordings
  6. I need Florida Kilos to become a single and receive a remix or radio edit that includes more of that amazing guitar that disappears in the chorus
  7. I've never been so utterly slain in my life. One of her best in my opinion. UV >>>>>>>>> WC & SOC
  8. No tracks have leaked as far as I'm aware. I think the last leak was the WC radio edit, but i don't know.
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