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  1. This was the Born to Die album sampler National Anthem (Nexus/Justin Parker) Born to Die (Emile Haynie) Live or Die (Jaz Rogers) Hey Lolita Hey (Liam Howe) Million Dollar Man (Chris Braide) Video Games (Justin Parker/Robopop) Paris (Guy Chambers/Liam Howe) Puppy Love (Justin Parker) Driving in Cars With Boys (Nexus) This is What Makes Us Girls (Tim Larcombe) Hundred Dollar Bill (Jayson Michael) Are You Ready? (Eg White) Diet Mountain Dew (Alexis Smith/Crispin Hunt/Mike Daly) You Can Be The Boss (Alexis Smith) Kinda Outta Luck (Alexis Smith) Carmen (Justin Parker) Put the Radio On (Biff Stannard) Blue Jeans (Emile Haynie)
  2. "soon" is THE word that is cursed Yeah, I imagine whoever started it didn't post because they didn't know if it was complete or not.
  3. omg i didnt know this. idk who was originally working on it but it's been about a year at least it's coming, it sounds more legit with @@evilentity involved cause i just know it'll actually happen this time
  4. Instrumental: Boarding School or Playing Dangerous Acoustic track: Get Drunk or Dance Man (Let My Hair Down) Acapella track: Hangin' Around Melody: I Don't Wanna Go's bridge
  5. *Waimea I agree but the bridge notes are difficult
  6. Everyone that copies her is awful sadly
  7. No I didn't cause it's trivial as fuck lol and nobody genuinely cares what you prefer or even like obviously.
  8. This is why I judge people who use YouTube as their source of anything but music videos and live videos when it comes to music because it's always shitty and LQ or pitched and a mess. YouTube ripped music is the worst.
  9. Hm... but how would someone genuinely even be affected by something as dumb as someone trying to make you feel "lesser"? Anyway realistically if your fav Lana album is Born to Die you're wrong.
  10. 1. Cruel World 2. Ultraviolence 3. Shades of Cool 4. Brooklyn Baby 5. West Coast 6. Wait for Life 7. Pretty When You Cry 8. Money Power Glory 9. Fucked My Way Up to the Top 10. Old Money 11. The Other Woman 12. Once Upon a Dream 13. Is This Happiness 14. Flipside tbh. She did say herself that the bonus tracks have nothing to do with the album lol, she said the label made her.
  11. I never checked out Taylor Swift's album because I'm never that bored. How much do you have to bore yourself to check out music by Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, etc. Really? The fact this shit is even successful is mind numbing. All I heard was Shake It Off and it was genuinely embarrassing. She was like "Let's get down to this sick beat" to some cheerleader bullshit... Kill it with fire. And "I can be the prince and you can be the princess, it's a love story, baby just say yes" honestly her having fans highlights the idiocy of people.
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