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  1. I’ve been seeing fans with the Lana EST rosary necklace or at least really good dupes of them.. Does anyone know where I can find a legit looking one? Some dupes have spaced weird looking lettering and the spoons looks like a screwdriver
  2. I’ve really taken time to digest this album and all its beauty, it’s definitely sitting in the rankings of Ultraviolence and NFR (which are my top two). Its elegance is unparalleled, especially once you touch the second half of the tracks. Lanita really did that and I love her for being so open and raw but in a soft and vulnerable way. The meltdowns during the pre-release were worth it. Margaret, Grandfather and Fishtail have me hooked.
  3. call amazon customer service and tell them what it do, say that you're able to provide proof via e-mail of the payment on your banking apps - they should help!
  4. flac is slaying my soul, as if i was listening to that crusty ass version of the album all this time
  5. i think the version on youtube is the clean version of the album, hence the censoring on fingertips
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