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  1. Probably so she wouldn't make headlines like "Four months since Lana disappeared! No more music?" "Exclusive interviews with Lana's neighbour's dog and second grade classmate reveal she has always been crazy! Singer probably in some clinic in the Bermuda Triangle because she's crazy! We explain her mysterious disappearance!"" EDIT: there was some actor in my country that left social media for like... four or six months? And after a while all magazines had that on the cover because they kept trying to explain where he went. They would just make up stories about his past problems or family issues, and they were always trying to interview his family and friends to see if they would confess where he went and why he had left, with the hopes of it being some "awful" story about rehab or a mental collapse Besides the press, she most likely felt like saying a proper goodbye/see you later to her fans and thank us for being with her during the phase that's coming to an end.
  2. She changed this bit to "at the end of Rose and Richeley's (?), down the street that's green"
  3. Honestly, I think some parts of this mess might be the book's publisher and some sort of audiobook policy. They probably aren't used to this kind of fanbase to act accordingly during a release But yeah, if this was other artist it would probably be more organized
  4. What's the title? Is it the "LA Who Am I To Love You (From The Audiobook “Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass”)"?
  5. If there's never-ending podcasts on it, a 40 minute book with piano sounds by a top streamer artist wouldn't be that out of place
  6. This might be the poem that touched me the most on a first read. Really straight to the point, autobiographical, and I could just feel it.
  7. I think it will work like an album release and will be available worldwide on Spotify and such on Midnight EST, I think in NZ it's not out for stream yet anywhere but on Apple Books
  8. Well... I think all hyperboles have truth on their base.
  9. I know what you mean! I do feel it too, unfortunately. When I read the poem, I also thought of that Arctic Monkeys' song Old Yellow Bricks because they ask "who wants to sleep in the city that never wakes up?", and it's very focused on the idea of wanting to run away for the sake of running away but also wanting to go "home". But I think your words are a better fit!
  10. I think the problem is that culture can be used for any set of habits or standards inside a society or field (I know these are not the right words but I hope you understand?), so instead of more broad things like politics or culture as a whole like the Kanye West situation this can also refer to the times in May when she called out the music industry for always being rough on her unlike the way they treated other singers
  11. "My friends tell me to stop calling 911 on the culture, but it’s either that or I 5150 myself." This gives me The Greatest/"Kanye West is blonde and gone" vibes instead of Lana's Instagram posts from May vibes or at least that's what I hope she meant by this
  12. "I was born with a little bit of paradise. I was lucky in that way, Not like my husband, Who was born and raised in hell." Okay... Who are these husbands and ex-husbands she keeps talking about?
  13. No idea, but the way she repeats that question across the poem kills me
  14. Me, a person who's never been to LA and has no idea what she's really talking about:
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