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  1. I was about to say the same thing, i just checked someone's performance from two days ago and it's 45min, but the artist sing one song from them and one cover, as she did last year, and the rest of the time it's just normal music playing so i def think she's gonna sing lmlylaw or another new song. I don't think she's going there to just do a cover.
  2. this is what they said, it's nothing new tbh, i don't think it's new info just maybe what she said about dealer and etc, she said they were almost done so they may be talking about that
  3. snippets mean nothing... the ones i hated from norman then turned into my favorite songs from the album when it came out so...
  4. it looks like her friends are still at where they spent the weekend but she's not there anymore... maybe she has something to do
  5. i dmed him asking him to like my message if we're getting music this month, i really feel pathetic at this point ngl but what wouldn't i do for this woman
  6. I was hoping for her to release LMLYLAM this month but not anymore tbh. I still don't get what she's gonna do then, is she gonna release LMLYLAM, the tittle track with the MV and the album on the same month (oct)? bc i don't think so i feel like it's too much so :/
  7. I think she really loves her poetry and it's excited about it but she doesn't realize a lot of her fans don't care. I mean i love it but ik most of people only care about the music. And i think she's gonna do a little bit of promo" when the book comes out and then start with the album promo
  8. This is way too dry it's tedious at this point..i think i'm going to forget about the album and just enjoy it whenever it comes
  9. Another day full of silence i don't even know what to say at this point
  10. irvnex

    Instagram Updates

    is that a hickey on her neck
  11. it kinda looks like if it was a normal mask behind the decoration
  12. I was just scrolling through her tw and saw lana's tweet from last year where she posted the album trailer one month before and she said the album was coming soon... Shouldn't she be doing the same if the album is coming soon? I mean if she did the same and dropped an album trailer now it would mean it's coming in mid october and i don't want to think it's coming later than that
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