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  1. sorry if this was already answered but is this real?: https://dbree.org/v/f43eaa
  2. Zella's song, "Hunnie Pie" actually sounds a bit like a Lana track
  3. By poem: Paradise is very fragile, title poem, and LA Who am I to Love you are my favorites. By instrumental: The Land of 1000 Fires and Never to Heaven are especially ethereal This was a surprisingly thought provoking and original piece, I definitely wish it was released a bit earlier to give us an idea of where she was emotionally during the time leading up to/ around/ and the time after NFR's release, but in the words of a legend: "late is better than never"
  4. Lykke has another beautiful song posted on her Instagram story, I'm assuming from the new album. I keep listening, before it expires!
  5. Hi, I already made a status about this but just in case no one saw it, I'm wondering if anyone knows where to get Night Time, My Time and/or Night TIme, My Time B Sides (preferable new and unopened) for sale?
  6. thank you so much love <3
  7. Thank you for clarification. I was a little bit confused because she has been posting things typed up like this on social media recently and I didn't know if it was perhaps screenshotted from somewhere and posted by her or even posted straight to dbree for whatever reason tik tok promo incoming? ;-)
  8. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned here yet, but has anyone noticed this was posted on dbree? https://dbree.org/v/ff702c I was checking "LDR" on the search function and this came up. Is there any even fraction of a possibility it is real? Does anyone know if Lana is known to ever post things like this anonymously before?
  9. Hi everyone. Sorry I hope its not a bother, and I know they've been posted a few times but most of the past links are down: does anyone mind reposting the bonus tracks from Wounded Rhymes (Paris Blue, The Only, Made You Move, any others) plus the outtakes from Wounded Rhymes and I Never Learn (Felt the Bleed, Heavenly Lies [i think?], Burning Bridges, etc). Also if anyone has the Hold On We're Going Home cover, Gunshot demo, Never Gonna Love Again Alt version in iTunes quality... Bonus points if you just have an overall Lykke Li masterpost! lol sorry I feel so needy
  10. does anyone hear what Charlie's saying in the background? and what Lana's reply is?
  11. I think I am lost in translation with you but I was just wanting to make sure the right person got credit for the post :-) which it was @@Party Party btw, thank you again so much!
  12. lol it had already been posted in the thread, creds to the og person who posted it
  13. https://dbree.org/v/53f22e
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