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  1. I just watched the Lana Colbert performance. It was beautiful and the vocal performance was flawless, but I don't understand why she always does the prerecorded performances that look like MV. I don't consider it a true live performance since pre-recorded allows for taking multiple takes, splicing them together, pitch correction, etc. I'm not saying Lana does all these things but that's just the impression that it gives when she submits a prerecorded performance instead of sing for a live audience. What's weird is that Lana is fully capable of singing for a live audience and she does it perfectly at her concerts. I feel like Lana is still traumatized by her SNL experience. I hope she can move past that and give a truly live TV performance again. I would love to see her return to SNL to redeem herself.
  2. I really hope that Chuck and Rob aren't singing. I am hoping that their vocals are like a spoken word outro, like maybe they are reenacting a conversation over family dinner that was meaningful or nostalgic to Lana. Or maybe it is like a spoken word collage, people close to Lana saying things about her, laughing, little clips of conversations that take Lana back to a different time and place, etc. It would be like the song equivalent of the Video Games MV which is a video collage.
  3. Now it’s only two weeks away, it means the vinyls and CD’s exist and are gonna start shipping all over the world, so BB will surely leak soon. I’m going to avoid the temptation to listen to the leak this time. I want my first listen to be with friends, having some red wine and edibles, through a nice sound system. For COCC, my first time was on the day it leaked, sitting at work listening through headphones. Need to show BB more respect than that so I need to be patient.
  4. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of Lana's more critically acclaimed albums as long as the unreleased tracks hold their weight. I am predicting Metacritic 92 and Pitchfork 8.8.
  5. Taylor is doing the Taylor's Version of her albums to protest the fact that Scooter Braun bought her entire music catalog without her consent, and she wants to own her own music and masters. I don't think Lana has had any issue about fighting over her masters, so she has no reason to do this. I hope to see Lana release one or more compilation of unreleased, b-sides, covers, etc. She could include a few acoustic versions or alternate versions on this compilation, like the demo versions of some of the Lust for Life tracks. But there is literally no reason for Lana to go back and rerecord her entire discography. I would rather she focus her time and creativity on other projects.
  6. So I assume that if the songs have been reworked, there is a good chance the length would change slightly. For Nectar, Cherry Blossom, and Living Legend, the leaked versions are the same length as the album version, which makes me inclined to believe they have not changed at all or only minor changes. The Thunder album version is ten seconds shorter than the leak, and the Dealer album version is four seconds longer than the leak. This makes me inclined to believe these songs have been reworked for the album. I love Thunder and Dealer, but I always felt that they are the two outliers on this album sonically. Like the album is super lush and soft and all the songs are almost lullaby, and then we have these two Last Shadow Puppets hazy rock songs that sound like you're in some smokey dive bar. Trio is a different sound than the other songs also but somehow it has its place and it fits. Thunder and Dealer are gorgeous songs but they just sound so out of place next to the other songs. I'll be happy and not surprised if these two songs have been rerecorded to have instrumentals that are more cohesive with the sound of the album.
  7. I know a lot of people on here are kind of anti caring about Lana and the Grammys and other awards, so if that's you then you can just ignore this. I'm one of the people that still cares and holds on to hope that Lana will be a Grammy winner someday. Anyway, I'm wondering if BB the album is going to be Grammy eligible. The eligibility requirement says that 75% of the playtime of an album has to be recorded in the last five years. I am pretty certain that 75% of these songs are new, but Nectar, Cherry Blossom and Living Legend are all definitely older songs. But are all the other songs definitely recent? And will that be enough to reach 75% of the playtime? Also, BB won't be eligible until the 2023 Grammys, but Chemtrails and the three singles will all be eligible for the upcoming 2022 Grammys. I'm wondering if Lana will submit Chemtrails songs or one of the three singles this year. I am afraid Lana's release schedule is hurting her Grammy odds. Chemtrails is now pretty old to get noticed for a Grammy this year, and BB will be over a year old by the 2023 Grammys.
  9. And as for BB in my album rankings, I am anticipating top three. There are already enough amazing songs on BB to put it ahead of BTD, Paradise, Honeymoon, LFL and COCC as long as most of the unheard tracks are decent/not bad. If the unheard tracks are beautiful and there are not many skips/filler, and if the album flows cohesively, I could see this edging out UV for #2. If all the unreleased are masterpieces and among the best of Lana's songs, then it could edge out NFR for #1. Right now I am expecting BB will probably be #3 or #2 for me.
  10. My ranking of album openers: 1. NFR 2. White Dress 3. Born to Die 4. Ride 5. Cruel World 6. Love 7. Honeymoon 8. Kill Kill 9. Text Book Songs 1 through 7 are songs that I love. Songs 8 and 9 are just OK to me.
  11. Genius is not always a reliable source, and yeah anyone could have edited the lyrics, but having Lana recite some Sylvia Plath as an album interlude feels entirely plausible. The word "beautiful" is in the first sentence of the lyrics, Lana has already recited T.S. Elliot for the Burnt Norton Interlude, and we know Lana idolizes Plath and has already referenced her in Hope and in her poetry, and Lana likes to repeat the same themes and motifs in her music so this just seems like something she would do. I am really hoping Beautiful is not a poetry interlude, because the album already has the Trio Interlude and there are so few songs on the album that I haven't already heard. But also, the Blue Bannisters Wikipedia page lists the writing credits for each of the songs, and Sylvia Plath is not listed as a writer for Beautiful, so that would suggest that the Sylvia Plath lyrics are fake. Does anyone know where those writing credits came from, and if we can trust them? I was also wondering if there is going to be a cover song on the album, or if Sweet Carolina is possibly a cover of Sweet Caroline (please no). But if those writing credits are true, it seems like Sweet Carolina is an original song and there are no cover songs on the album.
  12. Young Thug announced he is releasing Oct 15. I think Lana can definitely beat him since he will be on his second week when she’s on her first week. If he does huge streaming numbers that are sustained into his second week, he could be a threat.
  13. I am so excited for this album, but the one thing that makes me sad is that there are only five songs that I haven’t heard yet. We basically already know the album is going to be amazing because we have already heard a majority of it. I’m glad the dealer leak is LQ, so I can still look forward to hearing the HQ version, so I have six tracks to look forward to. I hope a few of the tracks are slightly reworked just so that I have a little more new music to enjoy when the album drops.
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