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  1. Rocket0212

    Nicki Minaj

    I actually really like only Red Ruby Da Sleeze. Kinda bad that digital version wasn't 10 tracks long, cause 22 was too much for me. The worst album this year for me.
  2. Ok, so I listened to that Javelin album and it's the only one up there that deserves to be in top 5 with Ocean Blvd. It may be my 2nd fave album this year actually. It was a very weak year in music though.
  3. I just checked AOTY site and their total list for the best album and even though Lana is 3rd so far I just see that critics want to give this title to some one era wonder again. It's the same old about giving all the flowers to underdogs and sure, it's probably even good but I just don't understand how these albums are on the same level with Ocean Blvd. I maybe can understand the hype around that Caroline girl, even though her music is not for me. But I can't believe that out of all albums critics and Grammys decided to praise that 3 boring girls album. It literally sounds like any Spotify Indie playlist you'll put as background music. It's not bad at all, the hype is just so random that it makes me dislike the album. And let me not even start with that Avril Lavigne tribute album at 1st place...
  4. Rocket0212


    The way little björksters are artsy and different but we keep stanning her poppier songs the most. I understand that it's like wanting Lana to come back to BTD but ngl, I wouldn't mind a more approachable album than anything after Volta. I thought that's where Fossora was going with Atopos, Ovule and title track as singles but then the rest of the album was so slow.
  5. Rocket0212


    Mothers served with this song. That deepfake video though...
  6. I don't even know what he tried to achieve with this song. It feels like he failed though.
  7. I hate this show but we will take anything to make A&W the most streamed song on the album. I can't believe that GP chose that cute but basic LTLI girl. If she doesn't win at least the best alternative song though...
  8. This is boring and not it but I can't at some of you saying that she doesn't have a good collab since Stargirl. I hope that you just forgot about Dealer and LTLI cause if you didn't...
  9. No shade but how Paramore can even compete with LDR's huge fanbase in 2023? In b4 they are announced as performers. Their video is simple but beautiful though.
  10. Cute but I'm not coming back to it. Maybe it will serve an I Can Fly and click 6 years later but I'm not sure I'll remember it exists.
  11. She had so many missteps yet you made zero points in the first post. (maybe only LMLYLAW) Not releasing Dealer as a single or not making a video for A&W are the biggest crimes from the recent years.
  12. So this was something new for her and it's good that she's trying different things but I can't take that Hope performance seriously. It's kinda giving high school talent show and honestly I enjoyed it for the campiness. Not sure that it was her goal though.
  13. Rocket0212

    Troye Sivan

    After reading this thread I'm not sure what's worse - to have sex with Nikocado Avocado or to sit with that one lanaboards user in a room for 10 minutes.
  14. Rocket0212

    Troye Sivan

    Good luck to some nuns in this thread trying to please straights. The rest of us can enjoy this fun song and video.
  15. Goddamn, man-child You fucked me so good that I almost said "I love you" Represents the mood and theme of the whole album. Nothing too try-hard, simple and effective. It was a game over for the other girls after these 2 lines from NFR.
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