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  1. Yeah, these are just numbers. UV destroys COCC in every possible way. Just how mad should you be to listen to 1 - 5 tracks on UV and rate it below 75.
  2. OMG. I just listened to his album and it's one of the best albums this year. Please, give him a listen, cause numbers are horrible. Even alt bands from my small country are doing bigger numbers on Spotify. It's so sad that amazing musicians like Barrie flop so badly. If only people knew what they are missing. The fact that his album doesn't show on Lana's profile under "Appears On" for some reason, doesn't help either.
  3. Oh yeah. I definitely misinterpreted that chorus. I just never liked that song enough to think about it a lil bit more I guess. Just to explain - the way it sounded on my first listen was "while the world fucked it up before by playing stupid wars we (Americans) were the cool guys and kept dancing". With pre chorus it may sound like she's saying that it may be the end of America and then switching to being more positive saying that it's the beginning, because America already did it once while the whole world was at war. Honestly thx for explaining how it's about her criticizing how America was living in a bubble. It makes sense. In conclusion: I'm a clown and SJW.
  4. Yikes. The way I thought it's a beautiful title but then googled what Trail of Tears means. Lana should leave politics for good. I'm honestly still a lil bit offended by that When The World Was At War song and I'm not a twitter SJW. I know that lyrics are not connected to WW2 but it's the biggest historic event here and it still affects our lives. And American singing something like this. Another L for Lust for Life. Left this track in 2017 and never listened again.
  5. Dealer tiktoks being about paintings and art exhibitions. Only Lana could turn a brainless dancing app into something connected to high art.
  6. Everything about this is perfect. I almost cried in public to this song today. Video is so good too. Lana being a ghost again. Shades of Cool, Lust For Life and now Riverside.
  7. I feel like it should be way shorter. 1. Love 2. Lust for Life 3. Cherry 4. Summer Bummer 5. Groupie Love 6. The Next Best American Record 7. Heroin (without ugly moaning. Actually just make it a cute 4 min song) 8. Change 9. Roses Bloom For You 10. Get Free I think I would listen to this in full more than once in two years.
  8. Roses.Bloom.For.You. I don't even need a whole album next year, just leak in full release this perfection.
  9. So this album made me listen to I Can Fly and it's way better than I remembered. I actually really like it. Maybe because I'm the only Paradise fan in the whole world and it has similar vibes. I have no idea how exactly she would make it fit on Blue Banisters but for me it's definitely better than Beautiful.
  10. WW is the 2nd best track on this album only behind Dealer.
  11. This album is such a grower. I just like it more and more each day. Still think that it's a little too long for being so slow and we needed at least one more Dealer/BBS to balance it out. So far my album rankings are: 1. NFR 100/100 2. U 95/100 3. P 90/100 (I will never understand why gays hate it. And each time I ask no1 is answering) 4. BTD 80/100 (highs are unmatched but as an album I can see it falling in few weeks) 5. BB 80/100 (coming for that 4th place) 6. H 75/100 (songs after Freak are just kinda there) 7. COCC 75/100 8. LFL 55/100 (have no idea how and why this album happened) So technically looks like I'm a BTD twink.
  12. Interesting. So I kept on listening to the songs individually and not forcing myself to sit through track #1 to track #15 and I kinda... This album finally started growing for me and it's growing fast.
  13. Her dragging her own MDM performances. At least she knows. Is there one good performance vocally of that song?
  14. I guess it's fine to dislike something your fave is doing. This album just kept getting worse for me each day and on release day I don't wanna listen to it in full. :/ This is the first time for me. Even LFL lasted few months, COCC was meh in full but it works as a background music. It's not even the songs for me, it's just that all these songs together don't work for me as an album. So long and slow. But I'll make a playlist with 11 or 12 songs and save the other 3 - 4 to my liked songs. This way I hope I'll be able to give her streams. I like most of the songs though.
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