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  1. Yeah I know. But this user ^ maths
  2. I was thinking about Ramada and Rosemead and what if she put these names metaphorically? We all know how Lana cares about her privacy, we know how she hates being stalked by paparazzi... For me, she wouldn't put in the song real names, places to be tracked of (as we can see FBI agent's work above hehe ). So maybe these names represent something else. I thought that maybe Rosemead is how she represent herself to media and world - as calm, beautiful neibourhood where you wanna be around. But how she feels herself within is Ramada - a cheap, filthy thing where you can hookup. And in the end she knows it doesn't really matter - there are more important things in the world. Buuuut maybe I am misinterpreting that.
  3. In these 305k there's probably 1k mine. Yesterday I put A&W on repeat and went sleep with speakers on my ears
  4. Okay, am I delulu or is there really distorted 'Fuck' from Cherry at 4:37? And by the way I can still hear "Jimmy shimmy coco butt", Oh well
  5. So sorry hun, if I can edit, it will be in spoiler. Didn't think about it:(
  6. ProstituteStares

    Song vs. Song

    You Can Be The Boss vs Million Dollar Man
  7. ProstituteStares

    Song vs. Song

    Heroin vs 13 beaches
  8. ProstituteStares

    Song vs. Song

    Heroin vs Metamphetamines
  9. ProstituteStares

    Song vs. Song

    Jump vs Velvet Crowbar
  10. ProstituteStares

    Song vs. Song

    Trash magic VS Motel 6
  11. I think that they have just lurked here on this thread, read Team Delulu's posts about having digital realase and made it up to create hype ya know, we've been speculating about that digital suprise for maaaany pages heh
  12. ProstituteStares

    Song vs. Song

    Pin-up Galore VS Disco
  13. Because I'm crazy, baby I need you to come here and save me I'm your little scarlet, starlet, singin' in the garden Kiss me on my open mouth VS Because I trust in the decision of the Lord, To watch over us Take him when He may, if He may I'm not afraid to say That I'd die without him
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