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  1. ProstituteStares

    Song vs. Song

    You Can Be The Boss vs Million Dollar Man
  2. ProstituteStares

    Song vs. Song

    Heroin vs 13 beaches
  3. ProstituteStares

    Song vs. Song

    Heroin vs Metamphetamines
  4. ProstituteStares

    Song vs. Song

    Jump vs Velvet Crowbar
  5. ProstituteStares

    Song vs. Song

    Trash magic VS Motel 6
  6. I think that they have just lurked here on this thread, read Team Delulu's posts about having digital realase and made it up to create hype ya know, we've been speculating about that digital suprise for maaaany pages heh
  7. ProstituteStares

    Song vs. Song

    Pin-up Galore VS Disco
  8. Because I'm crazy, baby I need you to come here and save me I'm your little scarlet, starlet, singin' in the garden Kiss me on my open mouth VS Because I trust in the decision of the Lord, To watch over us Take him when He may, if He may I'm not afraid to say That I'd die without him
  9. ProstituteStares

    Song vs. Song

    Born to die VS Freak demo
  10. Few minutes ago. I petted my lovely cat, I love him so muuuuch When was the last time you drank too much alcohol?
  11. It's not one of those phases I'm going through Or just a song, it's not one of them I'm on my own On my own On my own again I'm on my own again... VS Put on that hotel California Wear my blinders in the rain I've got nothing much to live for Ever since I found my fame
  12. Painting, drawing, dreaming. When was the last time you were worried of yourself?
  13. ProstituteStares

    Song vs. Song

    The Blackest Day vs Ultraviolence
  14. I just hope she's gonna be belting, because that first 'Learn' from Wildflower Wildfire is EVERYTING I know she's got that power inside her to belt I just hope she will go from her comfort zone of falsettos and belt, scream, belt, scream...
  15. There is blue on her middle nail But, as someone have already said, it isnt about banisters being blue, because thats her ex bullshit promise. And now banisters ARE READY TO BE PAINT AGAIN!!! Maybe this year shewanna give US, FANS A chance to paint her banisters whatever color we would like! UGH HER MIND
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