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  1. Might be a little too ambitious, but if Lana decides to go with a visual album for her tenth major release—I'll be all for it
  2. Idk it was kinda unexpected tbh. The warehouse for the forwarding service folks that I used emailed me I had two parcels I needed to declare. I knew one of them was gonna be the CD, but I had no idea about the second parcel that Universal Music Hong Kong had sent out together with my CD until they told me about it
  3. CD finally came yesterday, ordered from Universal Music Hong Kong—they even had it shipped with a poster, which was such a nice surprise
  4. Kinda cool the Japanese CD comes with an extra booklet with lyrics to the title track and A&W—
  5. Manifesting the same way I did back when I thought CD girlies weren't getting as much love as them turntable hippies—lmao
  6. Ugh, even Australians getting some tits. Malaysia could never—too haram lmao
  7. Lmao Judah be like, forgot he a man of god and ask where his titty royalty at?
  8. Well, if that's it, the question remains—are they gonna move forward with this updated tracklist for future CD and vinyl pressings, or is it just gonna be this titty variant lmao
  9. If the omission of the interlude turns out to be true for pressings ordered from the US and UK stores, it'll be the same for every other stores (unless it's region-specific), no?
  10. So, a new vinyl variant is out for pre-order with the Judah Smith Interlude omitted from the tracklist—does this mean future pressings will exclude the track going forward now?
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