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  1. wait, this slaps! I have to make this into a playlist.
  2. 🎶 I got my cowboy boots on tonight. Walkin’ after midnight like Pasty Cline 🎶 I’m just being silly but I’m interested in hearing Lana’s county album I always wanted a studio version of Prettiest Girls in Country Music but her cover of Country Roads did for me as it was not better than the original so I’ll guess I’ll be hoping for the best. It’s gonna be so funny seeing everyone in cowboy boots for the next era 😂
  3. This is such a fun time Coachella announcement and now this?! I love our little snippet I hope it drops tomorrow
  4. Omg I love that destiny and fate brought you guys together in Dillards of all places! The bracelet was so sweet and I can’t wait for your story time. You guys look gorgeous!
  5. This photo is giving Elvis and I mean that in the very best way.
  6. Thank you Elle for transcribing ❤️ this really moved me and I love how much she loves us. I love that she’s in a happier place.
  7. “Be Safe or Don’t…let your passion be your North Star.” What a beautiful speech! I’m so glad the Dallas crowd was a good one and she felt the love. I love her!
  8. I would too but I guess because this happened to Dallas fans in the past she doesn’t want to let them down. She’s so sweet.
  9. The emotional impact of Kintsugi and Fingertips back to back always knocks me out. The amount of vulnerability that she shares is insane. I didn’t think those two records back to back would still floor me since the record has been out for a while. I had to really sit with my feelings and pause the album after those two songs went off.
  10. I lost I guess I’ll be watching on Instagram from my bedroom 😭
  11. You’re a real one for sharing this! Best of luck to everyone!
  12. Pls say sike I want to throw up for you omg
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