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    horror, cross stitch, crochet, good books, b-movies, being unreasonably silly
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  1. Yesterday evening; it was an impression of my cat's paw print in the couch When was the last time you read a really good book?
  2. I know the mic problems were bad, but not THAT bad
  3. last Friday's coachella performance, my husband thought she said "farting in the garden" during Bartender
  4. One of the Diet Mtn Dew demos, I listened to it before BTD was released and it was life changing.
  5. I'm so glad I decided to watch this weekend too, everything was great besides that whiplash fever dream
  6. The way I screamed when I saw her little leather cowgirl fit, convinced we'd get Lasso, only to be fooled with Young and Beautiful....
  7. That was such a performance then she just ruins it with that choreography...
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