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  1. Lasson will premier at her stadium concert next month
  2. It's the humidity and hot weather, but she looked beautiful regardless of that. I lived in Rio de Janeiro for many years and the usual weather there is extremely hot and humid with lots of wind lol This is the tropical hairdo as we liked to say.
  3. If it's to add a slower song ... it would be epic if she replaced Bartender with Yayo
  4. I would trade any song with those guests for Gods and Monsters , Diet Mountain Dew , National Anthem and more stuff from Ultraviolence.
  5. I miss when it was just her and the band on stage tbh I really hate the backup dancers thing. She doesn't need to do charity work with those guests either , specially when they're not even singing her songs , feels like her label shoves these people in there to ride on her popularity.
  6. Let's see what she will do for her Stadium concert next month. She's testing the waters for stadium tours with it.
  7. She's going to sing American with an alligator on stage . Do any of you guys and gals know if the concert tomorrow will be streamed somewhere? Would love to watch it here from Portugal ❤
  8. It's a kid trolling lol No different from when a teacher gets mad at the class clown , they feel like it's a victory lol
  9. Ngl this is funny as hell , that account is probably run by a 12 year old lol And the fact that she's arguing with them makes me love her even more. My spititual boomer queen ❤
  10. And will close with St Tropez Party Girl to spice things up a bit
  11. She will open with Gods and Monsters just because of that lack of faith , and then she will sing Velvet Crowbar just for the hell of it
  12. Lasso will be Dance Till We Die but with vintage hollywood / Lust For Life / Elvis and a bit of Ultraviolence.
  13. I really wish she did a tour in Europe instead of festivals , she can pack venues and stadiums here soooo easily.
  14. Sooo awesome that you met her again and that you partied with her ❤ You unlocked the dream ❤❤
  15. Lanita doesn't post updates on her IG , so LB and other pages is where we go for new pictures and actual news about her. I really don't want to see LB go , Instagram will no longer be for fandoms if they really go down with that non share copyrighted content
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