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Cringe at r/lanadelrey thread at reddit

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3 minutes ago, stupidapartmentcomplex said:


the mental gymnastics they do to bring taylor swift up whenever possible


as somebody who's a fan of alice in chains... my brain can't process what a "collab" with layne staley would be like


also something like that would be very disrespectful, like the aaliyah "collab" with the weeknd, it wouldn't even make sense considering that layne staley wouldn't know who lana is at all anyway (he died when she was 17)

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I never go on r/lanadelrey, I waste way too much time here to bother checking it out, but LMAO pleeease keep sharing, that "name an artist who isn't alive you'd like to collab with Lana" thread and someone named Taylor had me GIGGLING :eartha:



and then I continued reading and saw them saying Lana and Taylor are "really old". :lolno:

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2 minutes ago, lilac heaven said:

i’m literally crying at it i can’t tell if they were joking but i don’t think they were because none of their other posts are trolling 😭😭😭😭

thats the difference between lanaboards and r/lanadelrey.


i feel like people on here are just joking or trolling for the most part, but theyre dead serious over there


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They have the most shit takes ever. Someone really said "Taylor revitalized her career" and it got a lot of upvotes like... her streams were growing way before the collab was announced and it didn't even boost her own albums :hide:


But then they also complain a lot when Taylor gets brought up (only time I agree with them) so it doesn't even make sense :thumb2:


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