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God truly was in the fucking studio when Alien Superstar was being made....what a track :dafuq::crai:


We're not worthy :pray2:


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i thought america has a problem was gonna be some corny ass political ballad but it’s literally the best track :toofunny: giving me Sweet Dreams pt. 2 “call me when u wanna get hi-hi-hi-hi” :beyonce: i can tell this is gonna be such a grower i love all the samples used across the album they’re pretty much all bops i can’t wait for act 2 and 3 :excited:this year gonna be huge for her 

tumblr_mlk5fk2dDZ1s6jvbvo4_250.gif   tumblr_otaqmarVHa1u9dqtjo3_400.gif  tumblr_mlk5fk2dDZ1s6jvbvo7_250.gif


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After a couple listens…..the album is pretty good, and parts are still growing on me.


I like that’s it’s not so much “disco dance” but more disco funk/house. 

First and third of the album is the strongest. It opens really well, Cozy is SO good, Alien Superstar is an obvious single, and Break My Soul is amazing.


Sopha, Cuff It and Energy are a little meh, though they could grow on me.

Virgos Groove is nice though, a bit long but i like how changes as it goes along.


Everything from Move onwards is amazing, the last half of the album is strongest imo.

Heated, Thique, Mind, America…..wheeeew….so good. 


Give it a week and it will probably end up as my second fav from her tbh. 

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