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7 hours ago, Coloringbooks said:

I often mourn the CLXII we could have gotten. It's funny you mention Paper Love, Lifted and Downtown because I actually really like those :toofloppy: but on the other hand—I never enjoyed Need You, like, sorry but it's so fuckin boring, the producer even wanted to give it a more maximalist sound but Allie said no. Also, I really prefer Mike Wise's original productions for songs like Casanova and OHDH compared to the minimally-produced album versions. OHDH was especially ruined. Allie randomly deciding to pursue the 'minimalistic' sound for that album really set her back IMO. 


There's actually a cool early draft tracklist from like late 2015–early 2016ish, it has 15 tracks, but funnily enough, only 4 of them ended up on the final album. And a good chunk of them were actually older CLXI leftovers (2013–14) that ended up getting reworked similarly to TLIV. 

okay well SHARE THE DRAFT :trisha: WTF



Better Times
Oh My God
WHAT ELSE :kiss3:

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On 11/16/2023 at 10:53 PM, Inferno Euphoria said:

Been listening to Cape God a lot lately and the way the deluxe tracks of Cape God are better than most of the regular album is crazy :true: Limited Love and Rising Tide are BOPS

That's nice that you liked

I am not a big fan of that Deluxe and that art cover, I think it still represents the album but I just don't like it.

The standart cover excellent.

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7 hours ago, Veinsineon said:

Literally any other picture would’ve been a better album cover omgggg those vinyl pics 

OMG I think the album cover is so great! It’s a like a piece of art… I would definitely put a painting of that in my living room 


so disturbing yet so interesting and creative 

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On 12/2/2023 at 7:45 AM, Anonymcomenter said:

Love this, should have been in the album instead of John & Jonathan 


John & Jonathan and Hardware Software are so bland and bad compared to the rest of the tracks. 


I tend to skip J&J

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