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  1. As a fan of her music since her MySpace days, it's ugly to witness how her work ethic went to trash after doing drugs and being with Zachary Cole. She used to be so prolific, recording music very often, being many producers, aute couture and photographers darling... It's not hard to tell what happened and everyone around her (including Elton John, many musician peers of her same age and sex, and Capitol) gave up on her. It's a real shame what happened to her, drug addiction is like being trapped in your own personal hell, and sadly she keeps blaming everyone around her but herself. It's not only the lack of music releases, but the disrespect she gives to her fans and audience when she gets on stage VERY late, late for events and interviews, lack of clear information of her situation. Poor Sky, I pity her and I pity her blind stans even more. I still wish the best for her, as someone who struggles with drug craving from time to time, I understand how awful it is and how deeply it affects your emotions, your mind, your lack of motivations and energy.
  2. Can Charli get Sky to do another collab? 😂

    Allie X

    I need her to release an album this year.
  4. If the Freeskyferreira delulus want the GP attention, they should start using snippets of SF unreleased songs like Untouchable final or any pop song she teased on SoundCloud so they can start a trend and make her go viral, that way maybe Capitol would release those unleaked gems. But oh well...
  5. I need Björk to remix one of her new songs. Crude would be amazing if Björk hops in or Hopedrunk/Butterfly Net
  6. Finally, a new Halsey single. JK Tell this to Tonia, she made her daughter delulu.

    Charli XCX

    Guys, I just realized that the rough demo of "I'm Not Sorry" was the one that inspired her first mixtape title "Heartbreaks and Earthquakes"
  8. I wish Sky would do something like Anitta. If she doesn't stand up and start explaining her situation and showing proofs, then I won't believe her at all. She acts so sketchy and most people keep thinking it's her lying ass. SKY (if you are reading this and probably you are) RECOVER YOUR FANS AND START EXPLAINING YOURSELF. If Capitol is truly the problem, then expose them like Anitta did with her label, because at this point no one believes you and thinks you are the problem.
  9. Last one is the best imo More gritty and kinda 3D.
  10. She is the floppest of the flops.
  11. That's homophobic af, it is a huge bop. I hate her and Capitol for not having all her pre Ghost music on streaming platforms.
  12. I just realized that Obsession was taken out of Spotify (at least here in Mexico). The bop that got away. Even Tonia agrees that it could have been a huge hit if it was actually promoted. But oh well, that one sure was Capitol's fault. Everything post NTMT I'm sure is Sky's fault lol
  13. Not even the leakers care about this liar flop.
  14. Totally agree but... Well I'm sure she thinks about Sky very often as they are label mates, but not in a conspiracy way like many people (including Tonia) do. Halsey is too busy living her life as a mom and making music and whatnot to put energy on making Sky failing as an artist, that's so fucking dumb but stans are dumb af too, they are too blind.
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