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    Kero Kero Bonito

    I like this so much, feels like the natural progression from their debut major album (even though I love their sophomore), such a great return to form! Anyone liked a lot their last EP? I found it very meh


    Well, at least she is not pg slow anymore as she mentioned haha

    Melanie Martinez

    Here comes my weekly post of "Can "Night Mime" leak already?" Btw, am I the only one who prefers the production on the NM demo compared to the final one she uses on the Dollhouse tour?

    Charli XCX

    Charli & the Diamonds

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    She's taking too long for the next release, can she at least upload "Me and the Boys in the Band" on Spotify?


    It's coming this year, it's kinda confirmed and she seems sure about it. I'm so pumped!
  7. I hate how As If EP is not on Spotify, she should re release it with extra songs, lord.

    Allie X

    hahaha I fell for it, damn, would've been very shady from her


    Don't really care for the WAP (wet ass p*ssy) MV, I would be way more excited if she releases the original version with Poppy haha, which will never happen (Even though I stan HANA and she is better overall). It's the weakest song on the album imo. Now, about the new album, can't wait!! I'm super excited, MissA is her best piece of work imo and that makes me ultra excited considering the new album is her sister.
  10. omg hahahaha, tbh I stan for Halsey's latest album, the other two are just ok to me Not a fan, but they are kinda ok Omg hahaha, now that's the shade lol (I love your posts sis) Nasty Cherry is just an experiment curated by Charli XCX, those 4 girls were FORCED to be a band, they are people that Charli know but they don't even get along... I mean, if you have seen the Netflix show you can tell that Chloe Chaidez (who is also the frontwoman of the indie rock band "Kitten") is very problematic and looked very upset of not being the center of the attention and the main singer. Charli "The Boss" XCX had to put her on her place and humble her in order to have the band work. At the end, Nasty Cherry only will last as long as the main singer is there, the other members are expendables (specually Chloe as she has her own band with a big fanbase), but I don't think they will ever release more than 1 album (if there's ever one). Their sound is very fabricated even though they are being sold to the public as a "real band". I see nothing organic on them. Do I like their music? yeah, a few tracks Am I a fan? Not quite Are they or Halsey better than Sky? fuck no, Sky music is better (don't care who wrote the tracks) Did Sky have the right to call them out? NO, that was so distateful and petty. You are allowed to beg, feel free to do it, nothing is stoping you
  11. Idk guys, I'm just waiting for her to finally address this situation. I highly doubt that for 8 years she has been sabotaged by her label
  12. And most of them terribly bad It's an insult It's quite dumb, huh? I highly doubt it was the label decision to halt the releases, they want money after all and they fucking know she is a critics darling and she gets invited a lot to festivals and her shows sells well... Sky, you have no excuse but your ego.
  13. EXODUS

    Charli XCX

    Bet she's putting all her heart on all her current/future projects, SOPHIE will be blessing her with creativity and amazingness from heaven
  14. EXODUS

    Charli XCX

    tbh they doesn't sound SOPHIE produced at all
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