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  1. It's funny how these brainless fans think that Masochism is a finished, mixed and mastered album being locked in a vault ready to be released. Sky knows she has only completed around a 60% of it and is just only waiting for free money to think if it's a good idea or not to finish those songs or to write more so she can record them next year or the next one... I want a link too, please
  2. Come on girlies #FreePrettyDull
  3. Finders Keepers only file we have is the youtube leak or did the original file leak as well? I can't find it lol
  4. Second this, please share guys.
  5. Thank you! I'm happy to have new leaks but I wish we would get Pretty Dull or Ditch That Bitch final
  6. She will afford to finish 2 songs now after this tour, watch them be Descending and Downhill Lullaby (for the fourth time already lol).
  7. Well, she announced a vinyl repress with a bonus track years ago, but we are almost a month away from the exact album release and still no news. I Blame Myself (for my delulureputation).
  8. We all really thought she would do something for the 10th anniversary lol No reissue No vinyls No bonus tracks Not even a fucking lazy spotify re-release. Fuck this lazy clown.
  9. Disco Sweat was not finished as long as I know. It was "an album worth of material" that was still in very rough stages. Some people have it and the common comment is that they are happy it got scrapped. But hey, it's more likely that CRJ releases officially Disco Sweat than Sky finishes Masochism this year or next lol
  10. FreeSkyFerreira delulus worked so hard to release a shelved album of a certain blonde singer but it turned out to be Problematique. Better luck next time little Ferraris.
  11. EXODUS

    Hilary Duff

    The chances are higher now that the show got canceled. I really liked that show tho.
  12. Please reuplad: Never Not No Fireworks Vanities
  13. EXODUS

    Crystal Castles

    Totally agree with you and God I love Kept and Frail so much.
  14. This is the closest we will get to it lol https://dbree.org/v/64c182
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