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Charli XCX

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It sounds like you’ve forgotten how the music industry works these days when you’re not making mumble rap over a beat (even tho she kinda did that too hihi 5ITM) she’s happy probably because this is her TICKET to releasing an album. Stream 1999

This is all very true, although I think a lot of you are forgetting that her asking her fans to stream it every day will only do so much-she has a dedicated fan base but Atlantic need to be booking bigger promo spots because she clearly wants this to be a hit.

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did y'all see this.... i just wanna grab charli by her hungover little face and scream at her change your fucking label


Like it's so strange to me that Rita went to Atlantic considering her and Charli are friends. Like what Charli went through between 2016 and 2017 with XCX3.


I mean they delayed Rita too after 2 top 10 singles - so I'm not expecting XCX3 at all.

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