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  1. bored

    Taylor Swift

    Alleged tracklist:
  2. Lana Del Rey - Did You Know That There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd 01. The Grants 02. Did You Know That There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd 03. A&W 04. Candy Necklace ft. Jon Batiste 05. Paris, Texas ft. SYML 06. Fingertips 07. Lost At Sea ft. Rob Grant 08. Grandfather Please Stand On The Shoulders Of My Father While He's Deep-Sea Fishing ft. RIOBY 09. Kintsugi 10. Let The Light In ft. Father John Misty 11. Fishtail 12. Peppers ft. Tommy Genesis 13. Taco Truck x VB
  3. I used the latest setlist as a framework and created what I would consider a realistic but also much better version:
  4. Thought I'd share my Lana Del Rey albums, this is how I listen to these albums via playlists. I don't really touch anything pre-Lust For Life as I've listened to it so much as it is, it's hard to try and rearrange? Lust For Life (2017) Best American Record (2017) Norman Fucking Rockwell! (2019) Chemtrails Over The Country Club (2020) Arcadia (2021) Did You Know That There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd? (2023)
  5. Do we have the acoustic/TransAm mixes?
  6. Knowing Lana, the festival setlist probably won't change, if change at all! However I wouldn't mind something like this, including a few more upbeat songs! Say Yes To Heaven seems like a no brainer at the London show considering it's her first UK top 10 hit in a decade.
  7. I'm interested to see what songs people would choose for a Lana Del Rey re-release. Obviously without it being a 40 track compilation. I've created two hypothetical anniversary release templates for Born To Die and Ultraviolence, to see which which songs you would bring out of the vault and release officially. I've included any official bonus tracks as well as the alternate radio mixes from each era. I think for completion sake any demos or officially released leaks should be excluded? Born To Die (10th Anniversary Edition): Ultraviolence (10th Anniversary Edition):
  8. Taylor Swift - Midnights
  9. Honestly I condensed it to a 12 track album and it's definitely an amazing record! 01. The Grants 02. Did You Know That There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd? 03. A&W 04. Candy Necklace 05. Paris, Texas 06. Fingertips 07. Grandfather Please Stand On The Shoulders Of My Father While He's Deep-Sea Fishing 08. Kintsugi 09. Let The Light In 10. Fishtail 11. Peppers 12. Taco Truck x VB
  10. bored

    Lady Gaga

    Aren't her and Lana Del Rey both signed to Interscope? Maybe after the success of Say Yes To Heaven they're considering releasing some unreleased Lady Gaga material whilst she's not making new music? They gained a lot of success and momentum from Bloody Mary that I'm sure the label don't wanna lose whilst she goes back into acting. I think this could be a common thing now that Taylor Swift (with The Vault tracks and All Of The Girls You Loved Before) and Lana Del Rey have released leaked/unreleased material officially and it's been a success!
  11. For me I'd be most interested in a Kesha folk record... Something in the vein of Spaceship! I think she'd shine on a full project like that and Gag Order has really shown how much potential she has. Also, I see Miley Cyrus being a good candidate for a modern folk record, she's obviously dabbled in country but the thought of something in the sonic realms of She's Not Him or Fweaky makes me excited! Both these artists could really make a psychedelic folk album and it's something I'd love to see! I know Lana Del Rey dipped her toe in to the folk water with some of her last projects but I think she'd be able to make it a commercial success and it not seem too off brand?
  12. bored

    Lady Gaga

    So I've been imagining what a Lady Gaga: The Eras Tour would like and honestly I think it would be pretty epic! My setlist:
  13. bored

    Charli XCX

    This! For example they could've chucked in some of the XCX World "singles" and made this the album if they weren't sure on the sound of XCX World. 01. Dreamer ft. Starrah and RAYE 02. Girls Night Out ft. TyNi 03. 3am (Pull Up) ft. MØ 04. Roll With Me 05. I Wanna Be With U 06. ILY2 07. No Angel 08. Babygirl ft. Uffie 09. White Roses 10. Drugs ft. ABRA 11. Blame It On U 12. Waterfall 13. After The Afterparty ft. Lil Yachty
  14. Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (Expanded) 01. Cruel World 02. Ultraviolence 03. Shades Of Cool 04. Brooklyn Baby 05. West Coast 06. Sad Girl 07. Pretty When You Cry 08. Money Power Glory 09. Fucked My Way Up To The Top 10. Old Money 11. The Other Woman 12. Black Beauty 13. Guns And Roses 14. Florida Kilos 15. Is This Happiness 16. Flipside 17. Say Yes To Heaven 18. Nectar Of The Gods 19. Living Legend 20. Cherry Blossom
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