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  1. I've been revisiting a lot of Kelly Rowland's discography lately and honestly her career in the UK and Europe was pretty impressive! Almost every single between the debut album and Here I Am was a top 20 hit, with a lot of them being top 10's and she really did shape the EDM landscape in the 2010's (for which she doesn't get enough credit). Unfortunately it did begin to dwindle around the release of Talk A Good Game in 2014 (although in my opinion that's her best record). So I had an idea of compiling a potential greatest hits project. Finally: The Best Of Kelly Rowland
  2. Kelly Rowland - Talk A Good Game
  3. Ariana Grande - POSITIONS
  4. So on Ben's insta, his birthday post for Lana, the 3rd image (won't let me embed)... Do we know when that was taken cos I don't recognize the Lana Del Rey logo behind them or the orange/turquoise butterfly imagery? Is it new?
  5. bored


    I can't help but feel like this song would've been SO much better if the rumoured samples were true (Black Box - Everybody, Everybody or Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer)... Like everyone else I'm bored of the Show Me Love sample and this song does nothing new with it.
  6. Honestly I don't want her to rush out a single or trailer etc. I'm happy to wait and hopefully get an effortless rollout like Honeymoon. I think that's been one of her biggest criticisms since the Lust For Life era and it kinda feels like this time they're not giving anything away. I think we're all tired of false dates, slmg and album titles, artworks etc. Her and her team are being very tight lipped for a reason.
  7. I don't know how to make threads but there should be one like this but for tour setlists instead?
  8. She said in her livestream during Blue Banisters era that she wanted to make another album trailer with Rich Lee and she referenced the Lust For Life trailer saying how much she loves it. Makes me think something is coming quite soon! I think Honeymoon and Lust For Life are both good reference points for her, and kinda align with what's been said about the new album. Lust For Life was her last album with "bops" so to speak and I could imagine Lana seeing songs like Cherry as bombastic these days.
  9. Thinking about how she said the album was complete at the time she recorded Doin Time and was 11 tracks. Later became 14 tracks with the additions of California, Doin Time and The Next Best American Record. Do we think it was just the same tracklist order and these 3 songs were weaved in towards the end? Or do you think there would have been an alternate sequence prior to these additions? This is my guess at a potential original tracklist:
  10. Could Rob potentially be doing instrumentals for the next poetry book? Another spoken word album?
  11. Lana Del Rey - Paradise This was just an idea I had that I made, imagining Lana had released Paradise in 2013 as a full album rather than an EP.
  12. Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me
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