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  1. Lasso is still coming! This happens every time, probably why the Ocean Blvd announcement was so last minute and was meant to be a surprise. But this album has been in the works for several years whilst she was making the other records, we've just had Coachella and they did the Lana Del Rey cow girl stickers with lasso's! It's a tough year, there's a lot of big releases coming. She's signed to a major label that just dropped the Billie Eilish album. They'll have a tonne of releases lined up and I imagine we'll get quite a short release period like Honeymoon or Ocean Blvd so that she can get some hype, sell multiple variants and grab that #1 spot (at least in the UK). I think September is still realistic, even if that means we get a single end of this month or early July. The last era has everything drop at once, so it's not like we're expecting lots of buzz singles etc. Unless it's a case of how much success she's gained this past year and potentially her team are shuffling dates around to give us more of an era or they're holding back announcing to avoid a delay this time around? But I really don't see why she'd announce an album at an awards show for it to then be shelved. I know she's been chaotic in the past but we know an album exists, she teased Henry, Come On and we've got Tough coming at some point with a music video so things are definitely happening!
  2. Britney Spears - In The Zone
  3. bored

    Charli XCX

    Ready to be slaughtered but hey-ho... 01. Number 1 Angel 02. True Romance 03. CRASH 04. BRAT 05. Vroom Vroom 06. SUCKER 07. Charli 08. how i'm feeling now 09. Pop 2
  4. bored

    Billie Eilish

    Will you come with me? Just want you to touch me Come on
  5. bored

    Billie Eilish

    01. HIT ME HARD AND SOFT 02. Happier Than Ever 03. don't smile at me 04. WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP... By no means are any of her albums bad! Like the EP and debut are still both incredible projects but she's grown so much as a person and an artist with everything post-Happier Than Ever!
  6. bored

    Taylor Swift

    I'm loving the Billie record and would love her to get to #01 on the charts with it! Fingers crossed, cos she deserves it. But anyways, here's my top 3 Taylor albums at the minute: 01. Red 02. evermore 03. The Tortured Poets Department
  7. I might have forgotten about them 🙃
  8. Britney Spears - SIDE B SIDE B, the brand new compilation album from Britney Spears. A must have album for the fans; this new collection features all of the pop princesses b-sides and previously exclusive or regional bonus tracks. Available for the first time on streaming, CD and vinyl! Spanning Britney's entire discography, take a deep dive from 1999's ...Baby One More Time through to 2020's Glory and discover some of the pop icons hidden gems! 2CD - limited edition double disc CD featuring 30 tracks. Foil embossed album cover with 42 page booklet featuring new and unseen outtakes from all of Britney's iconic album photoshoots! 3LP - limited edition coloured 3LP. Foil embossed album cover with 12"x12" 42 page high quality booklet featuring new and unseen outtakes from all of Britney's iconic album photoshoots. Exclusive collectible A2 poster!
  9. Taylor Swift - The Tortured Poets Department
  10. Avril Lavigne - Greatest Hits
  11. Yes but also during that time we heard about some "bombastic outtakes" from the NFR! sessions that Jack teased. Plus the Cinnamon Girl outro which Jack talked about being a last minute change cos Lana came back from a trip pissed off at a guy or something. We then have the mystery of the White Hot Forever concept and how that was originally the title of Chemtrails Over The Country Club but also the initial song title for Tulsa Jesus Freak. Then there was the strange addition of The Trio (Interlude) on Blue Banisters. And who knows what Rock Candy Sweet outtakes could sound like if they exist? And finally, I think we definitely heard a sonic shift on Ocean Blvd with the latter few songs and the Jimmy segment of A&W. This could all hint at there being other sounds and vibes being put together behind the scenes over the past 4 years?
  12. I feel like I predicted this back when they first started being sighted together and honestly I'm not mad... "Between this and the country album, why do I feel like we're gonna end up with her Bangerz instead. I remember Pharrell and Miley calling Bangerz a country/hip hop fusion something like "dirty south"."
  13. bored

    Dua Lipa

    I don't hate it, it's definitely not what I was expecting from what's been teased. I think if this had been released in 2021 as like Future Nostalgia: Side B or as a companion record; in the style of Carly Rae Jepsen for example. It would've been better received. I was a little worried when I first heard the singles and I guess there's just not enough evolution or excitement to warrant a 4 year wait? But either way it's an enjoyable little album for the summer, just a bit underwhelming.
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