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  1. bored

    Miley Cyrus

    I know she keeps banging on about tour but like surely nows a good time to get some more hits under her belt. A tour isn't gonna be happening anytime soon unfortunately, so release the album! Midnight Sky has gotten a lot of attention and has done really well, hopefully the Dua single will be a hit too. Right now, although she's a force, she's only got We Can't Stop, Wrecking Ball, Malibu and Midnight Sky as big hits post Disney.
  2. bored

    Miley Cyrus

    So she recently confirmed that album is finished and ready to go! Also that she started from scratch and none of the original record made the final cut. Meaning the only confirmed songs we have on this project are... 01. Midnight Sky 02. TBC (feat. Dua Lipa) 03. High Originally, she said Billy Idol was on the album but I'm unsure whether she has scrapped the leaked songs too.
  3. I mean, they could always just upload A.K.A. to streaming as a 10th anniversary gift, announce a special edition CD / vinyl bundle and start the Chemtrails era in 2021.
  4. bored

    Charli XCX

    Sounds dumb, but honestly I think her mainstream / pop songs are underrated. I do agree that her more experimental and club music is amazing, but she has a great collection of radio singles. 01. Come To My Party 02. 1999 (ft. Troye Sivan) 03. Break The Rules 04. Girls Night Out 05. Doing It (ft. Rita Ora) 06. White Mercedes 07. Blame It On Your Love (ft. Lizzo) 08. Boys 09. No Angel 10. Famous 11. After The Afterparty (ft. Lil Yachty) 12. Boom Clap Like that's a great little "best of" playlist
  5. Something like still doesn't make sense though... Lana's own website says her upcoming 2020 album Chemtrails Over The Country Club. Ben replied to fans saying the album was coming soon and new music this year, literally a week ago! This makes me think that a release date has been set and her management and label have some sort of plan. I dunno, it's just like every album roll out gets worse and her / her team fuck up even more.
  6. bored

    Miley Cyrus

    Bangerz was and is honestly iconic! Such a great pop album... Still sad we never got SHE IS MILEY CYRUS (2019 version) in full as that project screams Bangerz 2.0. Also, what do we expect her to perform on her Backyard Sessions? Midnight Sky and Gimme More are confirmed... It says her biggest hits, so I imagine we'll get We Can't Stop, Can't Be Tamed, Slide Away... Maybe Mother's Daughter (?), Who Owns My Heart (?) and Wrecking Ball (?).
  7. bored

    Selena Gomez

    Haha thanks, I dunno if you're interested but I also changed my tracklisting of the album to adjust the flow, I'll leave it below in case you wanna check it out... I think Rare is a really good album tbh. 01. Rare 02. Kinda Crazy 03. Look At Her Now 04. Feel Me 05. Vulnerable 06. Lose You To Love Me 07. Dance Again 08. Boyfriend 09. Ring 10. Crowded Room (feat. 6LACK) 11. People You Know 12. Cut You Off 13. A Sweeter Place (feat. Kid Cudi) Deluxe: 14. She 15. Let Me Get Me 16. Fetish (feat. Gucci Mane) 17. Souvenir
  8. Dreaming of a Honeymoon era release strategy... 23.10.20 Let Me Love You Like A Woman single release. 06.11.20 Chemtrails Over The Country Club album artwork reveal and pre-order launch. 11.11.20 Chemtrails Over The Country Club album trailer release (features snippets of 2 unheard album tracks). 27.11.20 Chemtrails Over The Country Club single release (premiered alongside music video). 11.12.20 Chemtrails Over The Country Club album release. Tulsa Jesus Freak added to streaming playlists and launched as 3rd single.
  9. bored

    Katy Perry

    Hmmm, see personally, I think Never Really Over was the perfect lead. Harleys In Hawaii was different for Katy and was something fresh from her (if only the label sent it to radio). Daisies, like Never Really Over was classic pop Katy but still felt new and was the perfect relaunch in my opinion. Tucked could've been a summer single for her, reminds me very much of Teenage Dream era (especially California Gurls strangely). And closing the era with Only Love would've been nice, kinda like a temporary goodbye whilst she becomes a mother etc. I personally don't see Cry About It Later, Teary Eyes or Champagne Problems having any impact in 2020, the production seems dated to me. And Smile, should've just stayed as an album track or a buzz single; I get it's the classic Katy Perry pop song, but I think it's just a bit basic.
  10. bored

    Katy Perry

    For me, this should've been the singles run... 01. Never Really Over 02. Harleys In Hawaii 03. Daisies 04. Tucked 05. Only Love
  11. Interscope released Selena Gomez's Rare in January this year, it went to #1. I know it had a #1 single launching the campaign but I think Lana is more of a force in terms of album sames, compared to Selena Gomez. Again, different record label, but Halsey's Manic also dropped in January this year... and was a success.
  12. So, if the album is delayed due to vinyl production then it isn't coming this year. If it's 11 weeks from today that takes us to December 18th, for that to happen the album would have to be finalised and ready for manufacturing today... However, she's confirmed the current track listing is tentative and still undecided (for example Dealer's inclusion). Any later dates in December are unrealistic due to the holidays and therefore means January is the month of release.
  13. bored

    Miley Cyrus

    Imagine Miley doing a cover of Nightmare!
  14. bored

    Miley Cyrus

    Yeah, it definitely seems like the second single is coming and will officially launch the album. Midnight Sky still has time to peak now it's tacked on to Heart Of Glass, which for a cover with no promo is doing pretty good on streaming! Fingers crossed we get new single and preorder this month, album next month.
  15. bored

    Miley Cyrus

    I added The Most and removed some others and honestly, it's a great addition to her discography! 01. Younger Now 02. Week Without You 03. Miss You So Much 04. Malibu 05. I Would Die For You 06. Thinkin 07. Bad Mood 08. Love Someone 09. She's Not Him 10. The Most Also, after hearing her talk about her relationship with Liam and the Younger Now era lately... This album is pretty heartbreaking. Like she's literally calling out the red flags and lyrically the album is about the flaws of their relationship rather than celebrating it...
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