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Charli XCX

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Just now, finalgirl said:

oh this is gorgeous

Thanks! :kiss3:

1 minute ago, releasenakedcharli said:

That tour merch better be available online soon… it looks so much better than the stuff online 



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41 minutes ago, Inferno Euphoria said:



I made this for my CRASH B-Sides 

omg but imagine this shot but w a fiery car crash behind her with smoke n shit and her just standing there like that



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Since we're talking about xcx world again this is the tracklist I made

  1. Come To My Party
  2. Girls Night Out
  3. Good Girls
  4. Heartbeat
  5. Waterfall
  6. Bounce
  7. No Angel
  8. Miami
  9. Taxi
  10. Down Like Woah
  11. 100
  12. Queen Lizzy
  13. I Wanna Be With U
  14. Die 4
  15. Can You Hear Me?
  16. Bottles
  17. After The Afterparty


I also made Vroom Vroom into a full album

  1. Vroom Vroom
  2. Paradise
  3. Trophy
  4. Secret
  5. TKO
  6. Round N Round
  7. Hey Boy Hey Girl
  8. WGFU
  9. Lay With U
  10. Cool Enough
  11. Pop The Balloons


  ↀ  ⟡   last.fm

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