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Charli XCX

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6 hours ago, evalionisameme said:

Out out and hot in it :bebe: let’s not lie 

Out Out and Hot In It are basic bops, but they're well made basic bops. As songs, they do exactly what they intended to do. Meanwhile Sam's vocals on this sound screechy and are just hard to listen to, and pretty much make the whole song borderline unlistenable to me. I honestly don't get why they decided to produce his vocals like that, because I don't think Sam is a bad vocalist per se. I can only assume that whoever was in charge produced Sam's vocals the exact same way they produced Charli's, failing to consider that different voices might need different production.


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2 hours ago, pierre said:

I'm new to her unreleased songs, can someone recommend me the best ones?

Round and Round, Up & Down, Party For You, Taxi, Wanna Get Fucked Up, No Angel, Ice Cakes, I’m Done, Jungle, Ice Cold, Bel Air, Waterfall, I Wanna Be With You, Bounce, Come To My Party, Party Party, Estates, Like A G6, Got No Love, Miami, Believe

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