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  1. jlnsgr


    RAYE - Dont Think About It v6.1 https://krakenfiles.com/view/BdxcoVzydf/file.html RAYE- KNOW BETTER (2020) https://krakenfiles.com/view/OJwSWx84Az/file.html RAYE - Take It All Off - VOX REC V2 https://krakenfiles.com/view/EeQ6MpHAby/file.html RAYE & Romans - If I Get My Way (2017) [Pitch for Little Mix] https://krakenfiles.com/view/GPFg9r04PM/file.html
  2. jlnsgr


    Where they belong after committing this crime against humanity.
  3. jlnsgr


    I know I'm just teasing you! Looking forwards to hear more from her. It's been a blessing since I started listening to her music. She made so many bangers. Polidor made a big ass mistake by sitting on her.
  4. I wish I still lived in Paris 😭
  5. jlnsgr


    My DMs are open!
  6. jlnsgr


    The fact she has made enough songs to be on her 17th album at least is crazy 😭
  7. jlnsgr


    Oh trust me, I know what you mean. It took me a whole week to organize everything 😭
  8. jlnsgr


    Just got into RAYE after discovering Genesis. I can't believe I was sitting on her for so long. She's got such an amazing voice and so many incredible bops. M21CB is pure bliss. Such a great album. Fuck Polidor and all the labels and people that did her wrong.
  9. jlnsgr

    Charli XCX

    we all did. Just to rub it in. Fuckers
  10. jlnsgr

    Got bored. Since I don't know when most of the songs that leaked were made, I made a cover to put them all under an album.
  11. jlnsgr

    I second this
  12. jlnsgr


    Why is this thread so dead?
  13. jlnsgr


    What year is that?
  14. jlnsgr

    Cruel Youth

    Love Me 'Til It Hurts and Tell the World (v2) just leaked.
  15. jlnsgr

    Charli XCX

    What years are You Popped Up In My Head and I'm a Ghost?
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