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    I love music of all genres and different artists, but the only one I am truly a fan of is Lana's.
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  1. I like this shade on her!!! I hope we can see her in full glam with the long blonde locks <3
  2. We are so down bad. I am so down bad. Lana, come on.
  3. I like it, but I do feel like it would have been much better with a female vocalist.
  4. Lana's Grammy's outfit inspired me to wear my black bow at work a couple days ago. Black hair with black bow (or ribbon) is kind of an elite combo.
  5. Burning Desire, Freak, Shades of Cool and Fuck It I Love You.
  6. They just changed the rules, which disqualified her. I hate them so much.
  7. Like how no one stood for Billie when she won, or so I heard.
  8. I could have SWORN that I heard he start to say Lana’s name. I wish I had the clip to show everyone what I mean. I was literally about to scream and faint!
  9. Well. This was a fun, yet stressful, night. I’m glad I spent it with you all💖
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