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  1. What if the baby shares a birthday with their Aunt Lana :')
  2. I thought that was fact? I literally have no idea. I was under the impression that she was dating her as well. But anyways, I'm so happy for her and I love her bump photos so much
  3. I don't think this is a spoiler but.... I like this album WAY more than I thought I would. I did like the title track but I didn't have much hope for the album and I wasn't really excited about it bc it's been a weird rollout and I wasn't convinced it was coming lmao and I also didn't love the country-esque visuals. But wow. I love this album. I've been playing it nonstop since the first time I heard it. The only song I actually dislike is LMLYLAW. I am just blown away by this album.
  4. That was so hard to follow wow. It sounded like she was saying a bunch of nothing
  5. the way it's so obvious...
  6. It's like she WANTS everyone to call her a Trump supporter. I personally don't care what she wears but she's definitely leaning into the image everyone is painting of her. On the other hand, we love an unbothered queen!
  7. I think Happy is still my favorite. It just sums up a feeling that's hard to describe so well and when you've experienced that feeling before, the poem just really hits you.
  8. My mom literally bought a book using a credit today and it's in the library why does Audible hate Lana stans?
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