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  1. Maybe it's my delulu but this time really does feel differently I feel like with Norman she was so excited and inspired by Jack she couldn't resist talking about their work together. She built up the craziest hype in that pre-release. I still have PTSD
  2. Jack saying they've been cooking makes me think the album is close to being finished. Plus, the fact that Lana is now publicly speaking on an album she's been quietly working on for 4 years could mean she's ready to wrap it up and release Lasso.
  3. I’ve been dying for Lana in the summer so I hope you’re right
  4. The fact that trusted insiders have remained dead quiet about Lasso the last 4 years is inchresting
  5. The latest snippet on Twitter is not tagged, is 9 ̶i̶n̶c̶h̶e̶s̶ seconds long and sounds beautiful
  6. What’s the latest snippet on Twitter that’s going around? It sounds so good and like it’s from Ocean Blvd or maybe even Lasso era? Am I allowed to mention the Twitter handle?
  7. Holding onto her saying "things are about to get crazy for a really long time". She has treats planned for us this year
  8. Who knows with her but I don't think we will get anything for at least 2 weeks. She will let Blue Skies get its shine. I'm feeling a March or even April first single with maybe some light teasing in the meantime. Maybe something for Coachella? It seems like all of the girls are coming in the next 2 months with albums or singles: Ariana, Dua, B, Gaga, Billie, Katy, Selena, Camilla, Shakira. It's going to be a great spring / summer for music
  9. They work in the same town and industry. There’s a lot of inside chatter between producers, songwriters, performers etc I’m sure. A Lana x Beyoncé collab is intriguing though!
  10. Who needs @111 when we have Nostradamus Insider on twitter telling us “more Lana news is coming soon” @111 kidding pls don’t bully me
  11. Very season of the witch x LfL era vocals. It sounds like it’s being transmitted through an old radio floating around in space. And idk if that’s a good or bad things, yet
  12. I’d love a relatively spoiler free era, too. If she and her management could just post an official release date I would feel more at ease with the wait. I’m terrified of another NFR situation
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