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  1. Hear me out…is there any chance whatsoever the insider on here (I think dragon slayer? or Florida Kilos) who teased Del Norte County, psychedelic desert vibes for the Ocean Blvd era actually had access to Lasso which she was making alongside DYKTATUOB and presumably BB the last few years? I’m probably trying to make a square fit into a circle but I NEED the psychedelic, trippy dessert vibes so badly
  2. According to Ben she doesn’t read her emails so she probably has zero idea about the Lasso chat emojis After endless eras with Lana I’ve realized she doesn’t do big announcements in a predictable way. COCC cover and track list remains the absolute wildest to me - a random Sunday at like 2 PM. I’m not too worried about Lasso yet but praying we don’t repeat the NFR pre-release. We need an insider to come give us a sprinkle of hope
  3. This actually sums everything up perfectly . But is also so funny and makes me love her so much. I mean she HAS to be aware people know she has a country album titled Lasso in the works. I’m sure fans ask her about it in her daily life / publications are reaching out for information. But because she hasn’t officially announced it she might genuinely have no idea how widespread and anticipated the album is? It makes me wonder how much….if at all…online she is.
  4. Manifesting Has Anyone Else Died for You? grand debut this Friday at Coachella
  5. Mama kudos for saying that, for spilling. Seriously, what a beautiful take, you made me look at the show in a different lens
  6. Lana said she’s been working on Lasso for 3 years. Her team had western inspired icons in the disaster Coachella chat on Friday including a heart shaped lasso. Yes, she’s being silent about the album but it feels like things are happening behind the scenes? We now know whatever her dancers shot back in February wasn’t for Coachella visuals. Ideally, she publicly acknowledges the album during her set this Friday and the roll out can begin! A lead single this month or May with a second single and pre-release in July could be realistic? With some magazine interviews sprinkled in along with a music video. Am I being full on delulu? Cmon Henry Lana
  7. Perhaps by country she meant mid-evil Canterbury tales tunes like Dragon Slayer because that’s what this set is giving me.
  8. This feels like the official beginning of the Lasso era. I really hope those are lyrics
  9. Oh she has something PLANNED. When she comes out in the infamous SNL dress, starts singing Video Games while twirling and then it abruptly transitions into "I know I know I know that you hate me" grunge VB beat
  10. It's coming, I can feel it. A new song snippet will be posted to insta next week. She'll debut a gorgeous, upbeat banger at Coachella....but won't specify what the song is for. Then we'll endure brutal silence for two months while we spiral and claim the single is coming every other Tuesday because Lana's hair stylist's brother's LA friend uploaded a mysterious story of a garden with a Lana song playing and "special project" caption.
  11. I actually love it. Feels very summery. I see the vision Get high, drop acid, never die, not tonight, Lake Placid
  12. I love this album so much. I'm listening to CC and Renaissance back to back today and the transition from Amen into I'm That Girl is seamless
  13. The nude Jack Donoghue just posted to his story my god Lana my god
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