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  1. has Lana done signed prints on her merch shops recently ? Last one I saw / bought was lust for life so not even sure if she still does them online ?
  2. not my store only having a IG Story yesterday about it and no actual posts >:( tempted to arrive early to see if I can have a wristband a few hours before so I know I’ve got a spot
  3. So that’s the full album 6 days before release… we kinda won! CN HQ soon I’m guessing
  4. Oh ya totally forgot that it would be at night for some ah im kinda worried it’ll either be empty and like just me or there will be a huge ass queue and they aren’t prepared
  5. Mine just says no booking necessary just turn up at 4 and some lucky Lana fans will get a poster. Hmm. As it seems to be 4pm 22nd for everyone .. that means my 4pm listening party will be hours n hours before USA 4pm ? so it’s not like all at the same time then globally
  6. For quite a few U.K. listening parties the venues have said no tickets necessary or booking , just turn up at 4pm and there’s limited posters - so I guess get there early for any goodies ???
  7. quick Q.. is it allowed to ask where’s best to get unreleased songs / is there a big collection which yall have downloaded in one go or what? Would be nice to have it on iTunes rather than use YouTube x x sorry if this is not allowed
  8. Not us expecting SYNTH when we all been knew it’s just BBC radio and like …………. Glastonbury’s release
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