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  1. 99tears

    Kim Petras

    Absolutely love brrr! I was skeptical from the snippet though it sounded a bit like a Clarity outtake but I'm sold. Love the melodies, love the vocals.
  2. This always reminds me of that scene in the Katy Perry Part of Me movie where she was signed to one label who didn't know how to market her and were afraid of letting her go in case she became a huge star and made millions for another label...so they kept her in limbo to benefit them, even if they weren't gonna release her music they didn't want anyone else doing it. So sick. Ironically, I swear the label she eventually escaped and signed to was Capitol lol...but just shows labels are so evil and cruel and would rather destroy someone's life and career than risk losing money...
  3. 99tears

    Addison Rae

    Find it absolutely mad how she hasn't capitalised on the hype of songs like 2 Die 4 going somewhat viral on tik tok and just the gays absolutely devouring leaks like I Got It Bad etc. I know there's speculation (or she said herself somewhere) her manager doesn't support her doing music after Obsessed flopping but she's got a pretty big cult following since then, and where it counts (aka gay fans because we stick to and invest in artists regardless of chart success). Also, it's mega strange to me she recorded so many songs?! Weird to think that someone invested in her working with big producers and writers and studio time to just do nothing with it all...
  4. Eeek I'm so excited! How have you managed to hear it already?
  5. Whoa just heard that low quality snippet of The Woods and I need it to leak in full HQ like immediately... its the "never plan to put my lips on you" song finally! Also need any and all Crybaby era tracks to leak, Kiss & Tell is my new fav
  6. Agreed I def think this is more a tease w the emoji choice and tone!
  7. Well I think the whole point is that those artists have the luxury of choosing to release their albums that way (I know Fiona has had label trouble in the past but still). Sky clearly wants to release the music that's why she's said every year its coming out because clearly that's her plan. She's said this many many times and explained how of course she wanted it to come out before turning 30 etc. It's clearly the label giving her these false starts. I know she's not entirely innocent and a perfectionist, but at the end of the day Capitol's men in suits clearly hold the keys to the gate... maybe one day she'll be lucky enough to actually choose to take breaks between releases or whatever
  8. I’m so tired of this narrative. No one knows what happens behind closed doors, and Sky lives her life very privately. How the hell do we not know that for the last few weeks since tour she hasn’t been working her ass of finishing this record? Maybe she’s even submitted it and Capitol have already rejected it. We literally don’t know anything but Sky really does care about her music and clearly wants it out. I am just as tired as everyone else but I refuse to blame her when we know how f’ed up the music industry is and we can’t see everything going on. Also hi page 800, someone leak Catch Me If U Can to celebrate xo
  9. I want Catch Me If U Can so bad does anyone have it? Been my most wanted Sky unreleased forever Why do you want descending so bad when all you do is shit talk Sky…
  10. Honestly. What could’ve been w those crapped electro albums HAUNTS me.
  11. So interested to know how people get this stuff especially when it’s so old! Really fascinates me like I’m so grateful but where did it randomly pop out from
  12. HOLY CRAP! No idea which one of you is swamperella but thank you so much for the leaks. I've wanted to hear Cobra & I Want Blood for years this feels so surreal?! Also Kiss & Tell was such a hidden gem and one of my top Sky unreleased electro pop era. THANK YOU!!!! <3
  13. Oh please I desperately want to hear Cobra
  14. Genuine Masochism snippets surfacing makes me think the album has been completed / tracks mixed and submitted somewhere. This one sounds pretty finished… here’s hoping Also out of interest how do these leakers expect people to find them with no other details
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