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  1. …she literally just announced the album only a few weeks ago, AND she recently posted a snippet
  2. speaking of music videos... there's a HQ download of the honeymoon music video that's been on the forum for years in case anyone wants it!
  3. it's a tweet from her old twitter account, missdaytona, we don't know if it's from a song or not
  4. Surf Noir

    Song vs. Song

    a star for nick vs. your band is all the rage
  5. i believe it's because river road hasn't been confirmed with certainty to be next to me, although they're the same length, considering they're the same length, it's likely they're the same song, but we don't know for certain, so it could be a different song
  6. i believe there's a rumored second version of dance for money, i'm not sure where that came from, but this definitely adds credibility to that
  7. i'm not sure since you can't see the "last active:" on this particular screenshot, but on evilentity's old imgur folder of myspace screenshots that's in order by date and it's sandwiched between a may 14th, 2008 screenshot and a july 23rd, 2008 screenshot https://imgur.com/a/xAKeg
  8. i apologize if i misunderstood your previous posts, your heart is in the right place and ultimately i believe most of us have our hearts in the right place, we might just not always agree or understand the ways we go about it, but regardless, we're all trying to make a difference and do the right thing, and it feels especially important to make different choices when so much is happening in our world, wars, conflict, division, and also the threat of the climate crisis, thankfully, more people are becoming aware of these things, but it seems like our world and our society is still so blind to everything happening and although i feel hopeful, i also very discouraged because it just seems like everything's getting worse and not enough people are really aware of it, but i do think it matters to be educated and to make better choices regarding where you spend your money and who you financially support if you're able to, and also educating others, and just being aware in general, i would agree that when something as awful as a genocide is occurring, we should be more compelled to speak out, and to care, we just get so wrapped up in our own lives, but we should care about others, especially those who's voices are silenced or stifled
  9. i didn't know about the boycotts, only the starbucks one vaguely, does that mean i'm ignorant? or that i'm not educating myself enough? maybe she just simply isn't on the internet enough to know about these things, and while, yes, she technically could go out of her way to learn more about it, it doesn't automatically mean she's going to know about one specific boycott (which won't really do anything in the first place, unless a substantial amount of people choose not to purchase from mcdonald's) we all have the ability to educate ourselves, and i think we should all be encouraged to do so, but our concerns shouldn't be a selfie of her with her mcdonald's order celebrities certainly have a voice, and their voice can definitely be impactful but they aren't politicians, and i personally find it annoying when people think celebrities are morally obligated to speak out on every political/social/world issue in the book, we should be more concerned about joe biden's actions instead of random celebrities, our government and our politicians have way more impact on these things, and, honestly i don't expect most celebrities to really care all that much, most of them live totally different lives and existences and are probably are too blinded to see what goes on in the world outside of their bubble, taylor swift isn't going to do anything if it won't benefit her or her net worth
  10. i just don't think we can really fault her for not knowing about the boycott, i'm still learning about the israel/palestine conflict, and i've found myself interested in learning more about it, but i didn't know people were boycotting mcdonald's, i'm sure there's 100s of places that could potentially be boycotted, but at that point, you pretty much wouldn't be able to purchase anything, and i don't think it's realistic to expect people to boycott companies we interact with frequently, and although i think we should make decisions that best align with our believes and morals, boycotting mcdonald's probably isn't going to do anything, especially since it's probably only being boycotted by a small number of people on social media, we support companies daily which are likely immoral or are unethical, and although we should care, and we should strive to make good choices, it isn't really realistic to completely boycott everything or to expect the general population to do so as well... most people can't realistically avoid supporting immoral companies, or they just simply don't care and, although i don't consider myself really educated enough on the conflict to really speak on it... but i will say, from what i've seen, if you're going to be mad at any celebrity, be mad at amy schumer or noah schnapp
  11. regardless of how you feel about the current conflict between israel/palestine, or her signing that letter, etc. i don't think we can really fault her for not knowing about the mcdonald's boycott, i mean, i didn't know about it either until it was mentioned in this thread, and if anything, it makes her ignorant, which isn't necessarily the same as being a bad person
  12. some old, rare facebook/twitter posts i found on tumblr
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