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  1. she posted a heart emoji heart is a love symbolisation, love has 4 letters lanaboards is composed of 2 words lana is 1 person 4+2+1= 7 7 is the number of albums lana released the only unreleased one is COTCC COTCC has 5 letters 7-5=2 the album is coming in 2 minutes confirmed lana genius confirmed too
  2. this is the approximative number of days for an mv to be released, cotcc mv coming in 2 minutes wbk
  3. the melody sounds like the MAC chorus but with much less production, hate this lana genre
  4. The summer's looong and I've been aaasking bout' you aaaall this time Seeeearching you, can't you see my posts in here ? The summer's looong and I've been cuuuurious for you III was so wrong nooot to doubt, all those unclear, dates all these yeeaars
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