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  1. Adrift

    Katy Perry

    i'm not sure ive ever been so hyped and then instantly unhyped for a comeback in my life...
  2. Adrift


    hi can someone please grab all of the original files being leaked from that telegram group and put them in a place that is not a telegram group thanks <3
  3. Adrift

    Charli XCX

    ma ma pa pa pa perfect illusion
  4. Adrift

    Charli XCX

    i'm going to the airport i'm gonna catch a flight i'm gonna fly away to a new place where i dont know anyone
  5. Adrift

    Charli XCX

    this is actually such a fascinating argument you can make here on a certain level, von dutch and brat is just the usual result of charli doing something inauthentic and commercial for the previous project - vroom vroom and xcxworld happened as responses to sucker, the overcommerical and overproduced crash was a response to the super diy how i'm feeling now, and sonically whenever charli feels too far from home, its back to the clubs. while uk pop music has been moving in a 90s/2000s dance/garage direction for the last few years (which she did acknowledge on crash with beg for you and selfish girl), technically even though they didnt deliver on it, both dua lipa and doja cat were talking about their next records being 90s rave inspired in like 2021. you can actually kinda hear the beginning stages of brat on 'what you think about me' on crash too, including what i think is a (sub)conscious interpolation of 'love me or hate me' by lady sovereign, which is kind of exactly the era that brat lives in. when it comes to von dutch, it is technically par for the course "commercial" in a world where perfect (exceeder) is randomly back in the charts after 20 years - but von dutch 100% predates saltburn, and no one could have predicted perfect (exceeder) and murder on the dance floor to make such huge comebacks on the heels of that film - it kinda seems like in this case, instead of charli being ahead of her time or "chasing trends", the zeitgeist actually set itself up for the release of von dutch and she kinda got lucky that that particular synth sound became popular again with perfect exceeder at the exact right time cool to think about
  6. Adrift

    Charli XCX

    nah theres going to be a basically HQ full version of it on boiler room just slightly sped up and with some vroom vroom samples on it
  7. Adrift

    Charli XCX

    AND the lyrics are wrong <3
  8. Adrift

    Charli XCX

    ikr, so low budget, i too can rent out paris's charles de gaulle airport for $20 and some drink tickets
  9. Adrift

    Charli XCX

    mmmm i think you might be a bit optimistic that things are gonna change. p sure there's gonna be other versions of the cover but the creative direction for the campaign is actually super intentional and set in stone, and it is lq pixelated stretched text. no aesthetic is the aesthetic, anti-graphic-design is the graphic design. huge choice for her to go lower case for the xcx too, that hasnt been done since 14
  10. Adrift


    okay so it was actually about the woman who made her special eczema cream retiring instead
  11. Adrift

    Kim Petras

    yeah i'll just listen to slow it down instead
  12. Adrift

    Charli XCX

    the way absolutely no one in that comments section was even trying to analyze it
  13. Adrift


    wrong x girl thread but we appreciate your enthusiasm <3
  14. Adrift

    Charli XCX

    ik people like to jump to conclusions here but lets maybe be a little more careful before we come out with the nazi imagery speculation/accusations
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